Friday, 11 April 2014

Giveaway - Dolcis shoes of your choice

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I gave my top fashion tips about shoes, and also incorporated a pair of new heels in an outfit?
The shoes in question were from the online shop Dolcis, and they were a lovely pair of black and white monochrome court shoes. Just the perfect hight!

Anyway… you all know where I’m getting to with this post… The lovely people at Dolcis felt extra generous and they have offered me to give away a pair of their shoes to one lucky reader of Fashion Infatuation. Lucky you!
The giveaway is for UK residents only, and the winner can choose any pair of shoes from the Dolcis online store.

You know the drill… to enter, all you have to do is scroll down to the Rafflecopter widget below, and do the different options.
The brilliant thing is that the more entry options you do – the higher the chance to win your favourite pair of shoes from Dolcis.

Good luck to you all, and have a great weekend!
This is only a quick giveaway, so hurry up and enter before it's too late!
The winner will be contacted first thing on Wednesday the 16th of April.

Note: This giveaway is open to UK residents only.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

London and Tropical Punch

A couple of weeks I spent the weekend in London. We didn't go down for any specific reason, but all weekend was just spent wandering around browsing markets, eating amazing dinners, and drinking lots of coffees in various cafés. In one of these cafés I decided to try out a new nail polish combination...

As a basecoat I used Stay Perfect nail colour from No7 in the hue 'Crave Me'. No7 is actually one of my favourite brands when it comes to nail polish. I used to have a ton of them when you were able to use the £5 No7 vouchers from Boots and buy the polishes for only £2. Unfortunately you can't do that anymore...

I decided to try my new Seventeen Colour Clash Nail Effects in the colour 'Tropical Punch' on top of the No7 Crave Me. I actually thought that the Crave Me polish would be more coral, but it's actually more red, which is a bit disappointing. I don't think it looks nice on its own (as in the above photo) but together with the Tropical Punch nail effect it looks reaaly quirky and fun! Tropical Punch consista of a clear polish with lots of tiny plastic bits in different sizes and colours, such as blue, orange, yellow and white.

And this is the result...
What do you think?
Are you a fan of nail polish effects and other unusual nail polishes?
If you have written a nail polish review lately - please pop me your link in my comment box below :)

Friday, 4 April 2014

Boho style, Ray Bans & a giveaway

Today I felt like dressing a bit bohemian inspired, and I'm wearing really simple clothes in quite earthy colours; a 3/4 length sleeved tshirt in a dusky blue from H&M, and a light brown "boho" skirt from Oasis.
I'm pairing this outfit with effortless-looking wavy hair, some turquoise accessories in the form of a scarf, massive metal earrings from Accessorize, a watch and a ring, and a pair of brown lens Ray Ban sunglasses that were kindly gifted to me by Sunglasses Shop.

This dark brown cross body bag from BHS is a must - it's perfect for a shopping trip to town when you want to have both hands free.
The turquioise ring is from my very favourite jewellery store - Outrage Jewelley in Leeds Corn Exchange - and it cost me a small fortune as it's handmade with a real turquoise stone set in silver.

This leather bracelet watch is my latest accessory addition. I absolutely love it, and it completes my bohemian inspired outfit just perfectly. I found it in a stall at Spitalfields market in London a couple of weeks ago, and it only cost me £10. Thanks to my workmate Nicole for the tip about the market :)

But anyway... back to the Ray Bans. Would you like to bag yourself a pair? The lovely people over at Sunglasses Shop has agreed to donate another pair of Ray Ban aviator glasses in a giveaway to one lucky reader of Fashion Infatuation. The winner can choose any pair of Ray Ban aviator glasses from the collection at Sunglasses Shop, for a value of up to £120.

The giveaway is international and is open to all. All you have to do to be in it to win yourself a pair of genuine Ray Ban sunglasses is enter via the Rafflecopter widget below. 
And you know the drill - the more options you do, the higher the chance to win.
Good luck to you all!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

How I wear my simple midi dress

Purple midi dress

I’ve developed a bit of an obsession with midi length skirts and dresses lately as I find this style quite easy to match with the rest of our outfit, and at the same time it’s quite flattering. The dress I’ve got on in this outfit also has a very high cut at the neck, and therefore doesn’t need excess accessories. This is a simple outfit that is easy to adapt to any season - Add a cardigan for winter, and scrap the tights and swap the shoes for something lighter for summer. 

dark purple midi dress

The dress is actually a Primark find, and is from the same collection as my 70’s inspired dress I featured a few weeks ago. I’ve paired it with my Jeffrey Campell Lita Spike shoes in black leather – this creates a rocky look that is perfect for a night out. 

black waist belt

As this dress is all in one colour (except for the short sleeves that are in black faux leather) it can get a bit plain, so I’ve therefore added a belt to make the look more interesting. This black elastic belt is from H&M.

amethyst silver ring
The handmade amethyst ring with silver swirls is from Outreach Jewellery in Leeds Corn Exchange, which is one of my favourite shops in Leeds. I just love going in there and having a proper browse. I really love that all pieces are handmade and unique, and made of pure silver and real stones. 
purple glass necklace

The necklace I’m wearing really isn’t anything special at all, but it’s simply a purple piece of glass on a bunch of strings that I picked up in a souvenir shop in Greece a few years back. I just thought it was pretty, and the purple is just a good match to the dress. It also works quite well as a statement necklace.

Friday, 28 March 2014

The secrets to French style - my top tip!

Few do it better than the French women when it comes to fashion. Their style might be simple, but even so it’s so stylish and chic.

They’re known for sporting styles such as the sophisticated trench coat, the simple white shirt, classic knitwear, the Breton stipe, timeless ballerina shoes, denim, and of course the little black dress.

Have you ever heard of La Redoute? This French fashion brand has just created an amazing site for inspiration and style tips on French style, called The Secrets to French Style. It guides you through 7 different styles of a typical chic French fashionista, and as part of this I have been asked to share my favourite style tip with my lovely readers.
So, here it goes…
My top style tip is… shoes!  
Don’t worry, I’ll elaborate... A pair of shoes can make or break an outfit, so it’s important that you choose the right pair for what you’re wearing. 
Are you wearing a neutral outfit? 
Then spice it up with a pair of colourful shoes! 
Do you happen to have a pair of shoes the same colour as your handbag? 
Make sure to wear the two items together to bring them both out in your outfit! 
Leather shoes combined with a leather belt?
For god's sake make sure it's the same coloured leather!
What to wear with skinny jeans?
Heels will always be the perfect match. 
Going to a garden party?
Avoid stilettos as these will sink into the grass, and opt for a pair of wedges instead.
What about shoes for a maxi dress or flowing skirt?
 A pair of classic ballerina shoes will make the outfit look effortless, girly, and a little bit bohemian.
Sneakers and trainers?
Leave them where they belong - in the gym!
And last, but most importantly...
DON'T buy a pair of shoes if you can't walk in them! It doesn't matter HOW gorgeous they look on the shop shelf - limping is not attractive!

For my outfit today I’ve chosen to go for the typical Breton striped top in white and black (from Jane Norman), and as you can see I’ve matched this with my black and white shoes from Dolcis. The overall colour scheme is very neutral, but the white and black contrast in the top and the shoes really stand out anyway.
My classic denim jeans in a pale grey hue are from Next, and the cropped black leather jacket is from Vero Moda.

And when it comes to "fake" French style (because I'm Swedish, and not an elegant French woman...) there's nothing wrong with throwing in a classic French landmark in your outfit. Yes, which one am I talking about? :P
This silver Eiffel Tower charm with the matching bracelet is from Links of London.

 What's your top tip for French style, and style in general?
Do you agree with the style tips on La Redoute's site The Secrets to French Style
Keep an eye on their facebook page as the clothes in these style examples will be given away in competitions shortly. Exciting times!
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