Sunday, 14 September 2014

Something old, something new, something blue...

...But nothing borrowed!
Don't worry - I'm not getting married.

 I've always had a love for halterneck dresses, so when I came across this one I was absolutely chuffed. It was actually an accidental purchase - I had bought another dress through fashion website Boohoo, but when it arrived it was faulty so I returned it. They didn't have the same dress in my size, and after having had another browse through their website I spotted this dress instead.

 I'm really glad it turned out the way it did, cause this dress is so much nicer than the first dress I bought.
It's a skater dress, which is tight over the bust, but flowy from the waist down. I absolutely love the navy colour, and the lace details at the top.

 I wore this dress for my birthday meal out with friends a couple of weeks ago, and I must say it felt like the perfect dress for the occasion.
What's really good about this dress is that the fabric is really thick, so you can get away with wearing it without a bra - it still holds everything in place.

 I'm accessorising the dress with my favourite necklace of all time; a vintage silver necklace with swirly details and a blue stone that my grandma was gifted from a relative back in the 1930's. Isn't it beautiful?!

 I also painted my nails in a navy theme to go with the dress - blue, white and red, with stripes, polka dots and an anchor. Multiple accent nails are my favourite, and I wrote a blogpost about it a couple of months ago.

This brown leather bag is a so called super organiser bag from Pia. It's divided up into lots of different sections, and has a built in wallet with space for cards, coins and notes, which makes it's perfect for a night out. There's even space for your phone and makeup, etc.

 I've had these Hush Puppies vintage style mid heel shoes for a few years now, but they're still one of my favourite pairs, and I thought they went well with the rest of my outfit.

 I'm still not used to being this blonde again!!!
I was going to go for slightly ombré hair, but at the moment the darker bits of my hair is just my natural colour. I'm thinking of colouring it one step darker. 

Last but not the least - this stainless steel bracelet is a so called memory locket from Seasons Online. The locket can be opened, and you can place little charms in there that float about underneath the glass. Since I'm often quite homesick I chose family orientated charms; they're all birth stones -  one is for me, and the other two are for my sisters (February, August & September).

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Sharing the language of love

A bit of a random post for Fashion Infatuation, but after having seen French fashion retailer La Redoute’s latest video for their campaign ‘The Language of Love’ – where people are surprised by their loved ones through French speaking (and hot male model) Mr La Redoute - I was inspired.

The campaign is about how UK people (and Northern European people in general, I would say) don’t really have a way with words when it comes to showing what they feel. La Redoute’s motto ‘French style made easy’ is not just about fashion, but about a way of life, and in this video they are trying to teach us to be more open, and to tell our loved ones what we feel about them.
You can watch this heart-warming video below, but be warned – you will tear up!

On the back of this, I would like to tell a very special person in my life what I feel about him, so here is an open letter to my other half:
(It might be a bit cheesy, so I apologise for that)

I know I don’t say it to you very often (if at all) but I really appreciate everything you do for me. I very often feel like a lost Swede in a foreign country, which is basically what I am, and you are always there when I need help. You even do the boring but necessary stuff for me that I have no clue how to do, like book my car in for an MOT, sort home insurance, save my computer from complete virus melt down… the list is long! And if it wasn’t for you, Fashion Infatuation wouldn’t be as good as it is – thank you for snapping all my blogger photos, and for being so patient when I’m bossing you around and telling you that you need to take the photos from certain angles. 
As well as being such a big help for me, you don’t ever judge me, and you make me laugh – often hysterically. You are always there to share the special moments in life, and I love the fact that we share the same passion for travelling and doing exciting things when we’re out and about. Who would have thought I would ever dare going zip lining through a Caribbean jungle?! But this happened, because of you.

Your blunt personality has made me become a more confident person, I am no longer afraid to speak my mind, and I have stopped caring what people think about me. If someone doesn’t like me – so what?!
I will always be an indecisive person with one foot in England and one in Sweden, but you’ve come to understand this and you are always there to comfort me when I’m homesick.
You annoy the hell out of me most of the time and really put my patience to the test, but I still love you, and I wouldn’t know what to do without you.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A stylish walk through London

Remember in my last post that I mentioned having gone a bit over the top with my clothes shopping at Next? Well, the two main garments in this outfit is the result of that shopping trip. 

London fashion
I recently spent a weekend in big ol' London, and I wanted to dress up for the occasion. Not too much, but enough to feel stylish whilst walking around this fashionable city, but comfortable at the same time. Therefore, I opted to wear my light pink super skinny jeans, matched with my new white oversized sheer shirt with stud details - both from Next.
You've seen my bag before - it's from Accessorize and I featured it in my post about bohemian inspired summer fashion.

Links of London bracelet
Other accessories Iäm sporting with this outfit is a silver bracelet from Links of London with 3 charms (I thought it was highly relevant for the occasion), and mint coloured nail polish from Barry M.

With some dusky pink/purple makeup as well, I think I've done a pretty good job with this look ;)

Glitzy Secrets earrings
The cherry on top are these glitzy pink champagne drop earrings with Austrian crystals, which I got from Glitzy Secrets - a fab jewellery shop online with affordable collections. 

Oh, and let's not forget about my 80's style Tom Cruise look-alike sunglasses! These were actually free at Superdrug when you bought 3 makeup products. When I first got them I looked at them and laughed, and didnät think more of them. But when trying them on during our walk around London I realised they look quite cool and retro. I'll definitely bring them on my next holiday!

retro sunglasses

Friday, 15 August 2014

Blogger event: The One Where They Watch Friends

Ah, how I love summer evenings.
Going for strolls through the city centre, drinking coffee, just hanging out with some of my favourite people…

…and showing off my newly purchased lilac top with sequins and a pleated back, from Next! 
(I went a bit over the top at Next last weekend, splashing out on all sorts, including this top)

However, this particular evening was not like any other evening, but the reason I wanted to wear my nice new top is because I was invited to a blogger event! 

Last Wednesday, me and a bunch of other local bloggers were invited to the Everyman cinema in Leeds to enjoy an evening of laughter. Simplyhealth was running a campaign called #shhealthysmile, and had rented out a private screening room at this luxury cinema to show the first 4 episodes of Friends – meaning that a night with friends, watching Friends, and having a good laugh, is good for your health. Well, you know what the old saying is; ‘Laughter is the best medicine’. I won’t disagree with that ;)

Or like Simplyhealth themselves are saying in their latest article; ‘Humour has great health benefits. It can strengthen your spirit, make you smile and change your perspective on life whilst bringing you joy and filling you with positivity.’

 I brought my dear man along with me to this event, and we were welcomed by Simplyhealth with a drink and a goodie bag including cinema snacks, a Friends mug, as well as items that will help you feel more confident when laughing and smiling, as well as improving your healthy smile – lip balm, mints, and chewing gum. Great idea!

We had a great time at the event, and mingled with some of the other bloggers, including some that I already knew; Dasa from Mode Lily, and Kristina from Mode of Style.

Thanks to Simplyhealth and Joe Blogs blogger network for inviting us!
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