Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Rocking through my everyday with an old favourite

When it comes to style, I see myself as a bit of a chameleon.
I used to be really boring and stick to jeans and sneakers when I was younger, but now - 10ish years later - I've adapted several different styles.
One day you might see me in normal jeans (no sneakers though!), the next I'll be in bohemian inspired gear, the next again in some sophisticated skirt... I mean, why stick to one style, when you can experiment with several?

But one style I'll never give up is my rock chick style.
It has folllowed me since I was in my teens, and it's a style I've learnt that I can adapt and vary in many different ways
- from everyday, to party. 

 It's all in the details when it comes to the rock chick style.
Rips, accessories, and makeup.
And you obviously need to top it all off with the right attitude and confidence ;)

 A black leather watch with scrambled numbers, and a subtle skull bead bracelet adds just the right amount of rock to this everyday outfit.

 The black ripped jeans was a right bargain that I got my hands on in the autumn sale at H&M. They're super stretchy with a high waist, which makes them perfect for tucking in a tight top. The fact that they're slim fit also means that a pair of black heels is the ideal combo in order to create the appearance of longer legs.

The checked black and red lumberjack inspired shirt is also from H&M, and the fact that it's cropped makes it go really nicely with the high waisted jeans.
My beloved Michael Kors bag featured in my last outfit post too, and you'll probably see a lot more of it in upcoming posts - the mid brown colour of it is really versatile, and right now it goes well with most of my outfits.

This black metal lace necklace is a favourite of mine. It really adds that little extra, and I love the fact that it makes a bit of a statement.

 I think it's important to experiment with different styles, and although this is a pretty standard outfit for me, it can hopefully inspire someone else.

One thing to think about is the importance of shoes. I mean, can you imagine what this outfit would look like with sneakers instead on heels? Completely different, right?!

Although, note to self... don't wear cream coloured unicorn patterned socks when trying to be all tough and that...! :P

These black suede platform heels are from Deichmann.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Modern romantic with a twist

You know when you're going out, but not out-out.
It's just dinner, and it's with friends rather than a date.
But then at the same time it's a special occasion, so you want to look nice.
Not sexy, but not too casual... and you kind of want to keep your options open since you're probably going for a couple of drinks after.
Aaargh, the perks of being a girl! :P

Anyhow, after a few tries I found what I felt was a pretty ideal outfit for this type of occasion, that at the same time was great for this time of year.
I felt comfortable in it (comfortable enough to eat a 3 course dinner, and drink lots of wine!), I felt that it was flattering, and at the same time it was a bit unusual and exciting - something I wouldn't usually wear.

I had had my eyes on a pair of knee high boots for quite a while, and after getting inspiration from the likes of JD Williams, and various highstreet shops, I finally got my hands on these faux suede beauties in beige. They're what I jokingly call "hooker-boots" as they actually go over the knee, but since they're of a soft material you can easily slouch them down to underneath your knees if you prefer to wear them that way.
The boots were actually the first point of inspiration for the whole outfit.

I did feel that the outfit was a bit of a mix and match of everything. There were different materials such as suede, lace, thick and sturdy fabric, as well as leather. And there were also a bunch of different colours - all of which were mirroring the colours of this in-between season quite nicely; warm browns for autumn, and cold and dusky hues for winter.

The poofy black skirt was a find H&M's autumn sale, and is a new favourite of mine. It's of a hard and sturdy material, but at the same time it's stretchy and comfortable. The high waist makes it really flattering, and it goes perfectly with the boots and the top.

The dusky pink lace top is also a new addition to my wardrobe, which I bought in New Yorker. I fell in love with it due to the lovely colour, which can be mixed and matched into outfits for every season.

Oh, and have you seen my absolutely gorgeous bag??! 
My amazing family treated me to this brown leather stud bag from Michael Kors for my birthday (which may or may not have been a bit of a milestone birthday... hrm!)

To top it all off I've gone for an accessory a la 90's.
At least inspired by this era.
I really can't go back to the plastic black choker you got in tween magazines back in 1997 since I was actually there to experience it for myself, but I found this 90's inspired grey suede choker in Gina Tricot, and thought it would top off this outfit perfectly. The bow actually reminds me of old fashioned romance.
Matching the boots and all as well!
The 90's choker trend is super popular at the moment, and there are lots of variations of this type of necklace.

And that's that, folks; A romantic, in between seasons outfit, perfect for a special occasion dinner with friends.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Adapting a boho chic look for Summer

boho chic
Summer might be on its last legs, but it's not over quite yet!
One trend that seems to come back every summer is the boho style, and having been skeptic to it at first, I've now proper adapted it, and I love it!

paisley print
And when I'm talking about boho style I mean paisley prints, earthy colours, layers, flowing materials, slouchy bags, multipte rings, long necklaces... you name it!
Basically good enough for a music festival!
And let's not forget about the hair! A middle parting with a few beachy waves and perhaps a mini braid or two really is the way to go.

boho fashion
I don't dress up like this every day.
This was actually for a night out on the town, but I do adore the boho style, and I've started hinting about it in my everyday style as well.

festival attire
If someone would have told me 6 months ago that I would start wearing my hair in a middle parting again, I would probably have bursted out laughing in their face.
A middle parting is soooo 1998 for me.
Being 12, everything's awkward, no sense of fashion, before I started wearing makeup... urgh!
However, after my experimentation with the bohemian style I've learnt that styling a middle parting the right way can really flatter the overall style, as well as your facial features.

bohemian style fashion
I'm wearing a purple multi-coloured paisley print crop top from Boohoo, a green textured high-waisted  skater skirt from H&M, and tan leather platform clog sandals from Deichmann.

festival fashion
The light green sleeveless maxi cardigan is from H&M, and the brown leather crossbody bag is from an old collection at BHS.

boho beach waves
I'm also wearing all silver and turquoise jewellery from various shops and old collections to match the pattern in the paisley print top, as well as turquoise nail polish as the cherry on top.

What do you think of the summery boho chic look?
Is this a style you've been experimenting with this season?

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Getting dramatic with LVL lashes

 Would you believe me if I said I wasn't wearing any makeup in the above photo?
That my eyelashes are my own, natural ones?
 Well, let me tell you a secret...

 A few weeks ago, I was invited to the salon Hair Associates in Crossgates outside of Leeds for a beauty treatment. But not any beauty treatment though, but THE current on-trend treatment of LVL lashes, developed exclusively by Nouveau Lashes
LVL stands for Length-Volume-Lift, and the idea is simple; to straighten and tint your own natural lashes to make them look longer, fuller and darker.

 This beauty treatment takes about 45 minutes, and at Hair Associates I was brought upstairs to a cosy room that resembled a relaxing alp chalet with its wooden beams and decorative details. 
I was treated by the lovely Kathryn, who started the session by explaining the different stages before continuing with the treatment.
She taped down my lower lashes to avoid accidentally bending them upwards, then placed two silicone shields on my eyelids which would work as the shaper for my lash lift.
There are three different shaped silicone shields that lift your lashes in different ways - some more dramatic than others. I'm not entirely sure which ones were used on me, but they did do the trick!
After combing my lashed onto the shields and using different solutions to straighten and set them, Kathryn added a tint to my lashes to make them even more dramatic. The idea is that your lashes will naturally look as if you've used an eyelash curler on them, as well as mascara. 

This is my 'before' picture, and as you can see I've naturally got really blonde lashes and they are basically not curled at all, which makes them look a lot shorter than they really are. I've tried using all different kinds of mascaras, as well as heated eye lash curers, but it's really time consuming, and it doesn't really work that well.
Now are you ready to see the result...?!

 Look at the angle of the lashes! The colour! How perky my eyes look all of a sudden!
I'm so impressed!
It actually looks as if I've got a thin layer of mascara on, but no - it's all my own lashes.

The treatment is supposed to last for about 6-8 weeks depending on how you take care of your lashes.
I am super careful when washing off my makeup, and try not to rub my eyes at all.
I first thought that this treatment was something I would perhaps only treat myself to for holidays as it would be perfect for the beach, but after having realised now how much easier it is to apply mascara, how good it looks, and how much time it saves me in the morning, I'm hooked!
Three weeks in, and my lashes still look fantastic both with and without makeup on!
Thanks to Nouveau Lashes for introducing me to this treatment - I'll definitely get it done again, and I can genuinely recommend it to anyone thinking of doing it.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Playing with band tees to hint about your personal style

Leeds grafitti
A whole summer in the city, and what do you wear?
England's unpredictable weather means it's boiling one day, windy the next, humid, and frekkin freezing in the air conditioned office! 

grafitti photoshoot
Well, first of all, I'm one of those who are stubborn enough to wear open shoes (and defo no socks) between April and October (these black platform wedges are from Deichmann). Even though the English summers aren't known to be amazing, at least they are long. And whilst my friends back in Sweden may experience a sudden Autumn in September, the weather in England tends to be a lot milder for longer. 

professional graffiti
It's no secret that I'm a big fan of bodycon midi skirts - I don't know how many variations of colours I own! They're just such a great go-to option for summer, and they basically go with everything!

denim shirt
As for letting my personal rocker style shine through a little bit, I'm opting for a sleeveless denim shirt decorated with metal studs, and a cropped band tee.
Can you see which band logo it is...?

girls Metallica tee
Metallica, of course! I may not listen to them every day like I used to when I was younger, but they've been with me for so long now, and when I saw this tee in H&M the other day I just had to have it - no doubt about it!
graffiti wall
I do love a good mix and match style, and this style shows that you can stay rocky even with summer clothes, and that it's also possible to mix semi casual office wear with a bit of rock'n'roll.
Leeds fashion blogger
I did feel quite hardcore roaming around the dodgy and mysterious tunnels of Leeds too!
I have had this idea about doing a photoshoot in front of graffiti for ages, and I finally found some really cool artwork along the canal in central Leeds.

teal metallic nails
The fact that the colours matched my clothes, and especially my teal nails perfectly, was just a bonus!
fashion infatuation
I do feel that I'm so much more confident when it comes to playing with outfits nowadays. I would never have thought of this combo a year or so ago, but with the likes of H&M and Primark offering so many cheap options and cool print tees at the moment, a girl just has to broaden her horizons.

What do you think of this slightly rocky casual summer office style?
The Metallica tee and the tied denim shirt really was a spur of the moment thing!

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Leeds College of Art Graduate Fashion Show

Have you ever been sat on the FROW for a live catwalk?
Well, after the end of year fashion show by graduates from Leeds College of Art, I can now say that I have. Sitting right next to fashion journalists from local newspapers, I saw the show from an arm's length, and I felt pretty important to be honest.

What some people probably don't know is that Leeds used to be a very important city when it came to the textile industry back in the day, so it feels right that there is a popular art college in the city that plays a big role for young people's creativity.

Since I moved to Leeds almost 7 years ago, the city has had a massive facelift, and the focus is without a doubt on fashion. Nowadays, Leeds can proudly call itself fashion capital of the north, and many claim it's the best city to shop for fashion after London.

The graduate fashion show by the students from Leeds College of Art was indeed very creative, and the collections included trends such as whites, feathers, androgynous fashion, florals, denim and leather. One collection was even created from used outdoor equipment, such as tents.

The fact that the show was held in the iconic building of Corn Exchange, which is a hub for small independent fashion boutiques, really added greatness to the show, and the atmosphere was amazing.

Below you can see photos from the majority of the collections.
What do you think?