Monday, 26 July 2010

Black rock chick vs Colourful skirt freak

Back in school I was never interested in fashion. To be honest I can't say that I am now either, but if you could have seen the teenager version of me standing next to the up to date me you would probably barely see that those two girls were the same person. Even if I don't follow the fashion I sure have developed a totally different style from what I used to have. The teenager me loved trashy jeans, simple t-shirts and worn out, scribbled on converse shoes - I was all about what was comfortable (or what other people would call boring). On top of that there was a touch of some rocky accessories like chains and big earrings with skull motives. Yep, my metal chic period. And of course I had to colour my blonde hair pitch black, even if my dad threatened me that if I did I would have to cut the lawn with a pair of nail scissors. (I never had to in the end)

Today's version of me still loves to listen to heavy metal, but has given up on colouring the hair darker. (it just wasn't worth it having to run to H&M or what ever shop to buy hair dye all the time) I'm not a slave of fashion and can barely name any of the famous designers, but I sure have changed my style. I have a thing for skirts -I just can't have too many skirts, and leggings -what would I be without leggings!? Over all I would say that I dress way more colourful nowadays. Black isn't that flattering after all...

Here is a little collage of what the 17 year old me vs the 23 year old me prefer to wear.

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