Thursday, 5 August 2010

Call me boring, or call me comfortable

My last fashion rant was about girls not being able to walk in sky scraper high stiletto heels - believe me, I am one of them - and I must admit that I have utter respect for the ones who can actually walk in them without looking like Bambi on ice (or without twisting their ankles). Stilettos are for me just something to dream about. Sure, my feet look gorgeous in them, and as I wrote in my last post, I’m OK wearing them for an hour or so, but I guess I’m just too lazy when it comes to looking good sometimes. I just don’t think it’s worth being in pain to look good.
What I can walk in though, are shoes with wedge heels. They are so much more comfortable than normal heels, plus it does the job with making me taller. I’m not talking extremely high, super heavy, clumsy platform wedges here, but wedges that are more of a reasonable height and that are easy to walk in. The wedge heel gives the foot more of a support compared to normal heels, and you don’t have
to put all your weight on your toes while walking in them.

So call me boring, or call me comfortable - but by wearing a pair of shoes like these, I will be the one still standing when the night is over. Dancing away...

While browsing the internet the other day I found these two pairs of absolutely stunning wedges that I’m going to add to my mental wish list. They're both very me - the black leather ones are a bit more rocky, while the suede ones are more old fashioned and inspired by the style of the early 1900's. Love them!


  1. I can't walk in stilettos either Maria. I'll stick to my quicksilver skate shoes.


  2. I always wear wedge shoes for working, they can increase my height and make my leg look skinny, love them so much!