Monday, 2 August 2010

Feet killing, to die for-stilettos

You know when you’re out on a Saturday night, but you’re quite sober, and you look around and see all these over dressed girls walking, or actually staggering around, in their heels that are at least two inches too high… They have probably spent all week planning what to wear for this night out and probably all day getting ready. They think they look the best they ever have looked, and maybe they do… until the vodka kicks in, and the short skirts reveal a bit more than intended.
They can no longer walk in their high heels because of their burning feet and the alcohol messing with their balance, but tip toe half limping, looking like sad, wobbling creatures about to fall over any second. That’s when I ask myself why. Why?!
Sure, they say that we need to suffer to look good, (or at least that’s what my mum told me when I pierced my ears the day before my 8th birthday and I was complaining about the pain) and I can understand that. But looking stupid is something totally different. If you can’t walk in heels – don’t walk in heels!
I know I would look like the most stupid girl ever if I put a pair of stiletto heels on. I know that I wouldn’t be able to walk in them for more than an hour, and that is exactly why I don’t wear them. I know girls won’t stop wearing these feet killing things, and maybe you can’t blame them, because to be honest, shoes like that is a dream to look at. All I can do is to laugh at these girls in silence while passing them in my comfortable lower heels on a Saturday night...

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  1. Heya dude,

    Stumbled upon your site whilst I was reseaching some images for a tee design I'm doing at work. Gotta say you have a great way with words and I lol'd at what you wrote here about heels. Sooooo true!! Awesome blog dude!! If I need any fashion tips for work, I'll be sure to ask you!!

    Si > : )