Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Five times pale

I love skirts. I'm a total skirt freak. I don't know what's happened to me, but these last few years I seem to have developed some kind of obsession for skirts. This summer I believe that I have bought not less than five skirts. Five!!! Or is it six maybe...?

Anyway... what I was going say was that I usually wear leggings or tights with my skirts -especially now when the summer's practically gone. (Not that we really had a summer in England this year anyway, but still...) I looked in my wardrobe the other day and found that I only had a pair of black tights, and that is a bit too wintery, isn't it?
I went out on a hunt for some normal tights -you know the see through ones that your legs look really nice and tanned in. I went to Marks and Spencer’s since I know they have quite good quality tights (that's where I bought my old black ones which I've had since last December -a long time for a pair of tights)

It wasn't easy, I'll tell you that. M&S has a whole section in their store with just tights. After some comparing between them all I went for a 5-pack called "natural tan". I thought they would go really well with my autumn outfits.
The choice had been between them ones and some "normal" ones, which almost looked grey..
. Ew! Who would actually want to have grey, old lady-like legs?

I put the tights on this morning, and in the dim light of the bedroom it looked alright.
Although, when I stepped outside in the sunlight I noticed how horrible it actually looked!
The "tanned" tights made my legs look über pale!
My natural tan was actually darker than the fake tan tights -and my legs have barely seen the sun at all this summer, and are - according to me -the palest they've ever been.

Guess that's the Scandinavian skin for you!
English "tanned" tights -go hang yourselves! (Too bad I bought five pairs...)

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