Sunday, 9 January 2011

Comfy, glamorous, sexy black dresses

All of a sudden I’ve got a thing for black dresses. From not having owned pretty much one single dress just a few months ago (no decent ones anyway), I now own quite a few. I bought 3 dresses last week! My excuse though is that I found them in the January sales.
So in my collection of black dresses there is now a knee-long flowing dress with ‘wing’ sleeves from Dorothy Perkins, a short knitted military style dress that’s very wintery, another short dress with a wide belt and layered details, a satin cocktail dress with open back, and the latest one in my collection is one that I found online just a couple of days ago that hasn’t arrived yet. It’s more of a ‘formal’ dress that would be nice to wear in the office, or out for dinner.
1. My knitted military style dress (My favourite one this winter. It's so warm and comfy!)
2. My new dress (I can't wait til I receive it! I hope it fits...)
3. My cocktail dress from behind (a bit too big and needs taking in. But absolutely lovely!)


  1. I bet you will look ace in the last one when it has been altered!

  2. You have a nice collection of black dresses. You really have a great taste in choosing wears. Beautiful!