Saturday, 5 February 2011

What does your nail polish say about you?

I’ve always been a big fan of nail polish –perhaps because of my super long, claw-like nails that are close to impossible to cut. When I was younger I used to paint them all in different colours and patterns. Once, I actually painted the UK flag on my thumb nails!
I came across a website the other day where it said what the different colours of nail polishes means, and what it says about your personality;

Clear nail polish colours are for people who are very neutral. This kind of nail polish portrays that you are very easy-going and don't get upset very easily. You don't need the attention of others every minute of the day and you are happy with yourself the way you are.
People wearing pastel coloured nail polish are the friendliest ones of the lot. Wearing pastel nail polish says that you are very gentle. The downside to this colour is that it shows that you can be materialistic and are prone to being vain.
Hot pink
This colour is for the funky and spicy. A very feminine colour, hot pink is for the kids who embrace a bit of girliness.
Pale pink
Again this colour is for people who embrace their femininity. But being a more subtle shade this colour shows that you are very timid and don't want to stand out. You're not a complete wallflower but you have a soft side.
This colour tells people you are lively. You are strong and want things to go your way - all the time. You are also a passionate character and it goes without saying that you are extremely outgoing. Parties are your favourite thing in the world and you need to be noticed.
Blue is the colour of authority. Put it on and people will know you're in charge. Blue also has that masculine edge and shows people you like to channel your inner boy.
You're totally zen. You're calm and collected. You're super relaxed and nothing in the world can disturb you.
Purple is the colour of royalty. This colour also shows sophistication. You have spectacular manners, refined taste in fashion, food and fun, and you also carry a quiet confidence that is the envy of others.
Your biggest wish in the world is to shine. People who wear metallics also love jewellery and you're usually so covered in it people often mistake you for a magpie. Your love for metallic colours stems from your desire to be rich. You love gold. You love money. And your life's desire is to own a palace. All in all - you're pretty bummed you weren't born a Queen.
People who wear orange are the most optimistic of the lot. They are bright and vibrant and nothing will get them down.
Brown or green
Brown or green coloured nail polishes are for the nature-loving lot. Energetic and spiritual, you love Mother Nature.
French manicure
This nail colour is the epitome of glamour. No one can quite keep up with your style and za-zoom. You don't need to say too much as your natural elegance exudes enough already.

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