Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Fragrance of the year?

Would you like to smell of blood and sperm? I didn't think so...
But one person that likes the smell of this combination, and that would like to smell of it all the time, is Lady Gaga.
Are you surprised?

Lady Gaga is planning on launching her own perfume in 2012, with this very odd smell. As always, she has to stand out from the crowd. But if you can even consider dressing in an outfit made of meat (see picture) I guess you could do anything. Anything to be the centre of attention.
Seriously... I think I'll pass on this one, and keep to my favourite perfumes by Ralph Lauren and Armani instead.
Blood and sperm versus fresh and flowery... Tough choice!

Lady Gaga at the 2010 Video Music Awards wearing the famous meat dress

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Steal the celebrity style: Sarah Jessica Parker (as Carrie Bradshaw)

It has been a year since the second Sex and the City film came out. Girls all over the world went crazy for the SATC fashion and everyone wanted to get the look of the character Carrie Bradshaw. The light flowing summer dresses, the glamorous cocktail dresses, and the colourful maxi dresses – I sure wouldn’t have said no to being in SJP’s shoes. (Yes, I admit that I am quite a big fan of SATC)
After having had a look at the latest fashions online I can tell you this; the same type of dresses are going to be on trend even this year! So all of you SATC fans out there can be calm – you can wear your dresses from last year this spring/summer as well. And for those who want to adapt this fabulous style this season, here are some Carrie Bradshaw-like dresses for you to keep in mind when dress hunting for this particular style:

The real deal:
Sarah Jessica Parker (as Carrie Bradshaw) is wearing a white v-neck vintage dress by Halton Heritage.
Price: $326

This year’s high street version:
A romantic embellished coral wrap dress with cross-over v-neck from Lipsy.
Price: £65

The real deal:
SJP is wearing a blueish-purple Halton Heritage cocktail dress.
Price: $435

This year’s high street version:
A lavender viscose dress from Love Label.
Price: £35

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Green accessories for spring

It may have been St. Patrick’s Day the other day, and all Irish people (and Irish wannabes) were all dressed in green. That is not why I’m writing a post about this particular colour though. Green is predicted to be the on trend colour for spring 2011. Don’t go taking it to the extreme though. A few green details to your outfit is enough. Perhaps go for a green handbag, green heels, a green hairband, bracelet, necklace, belt… you get the point! Here are some gorgeous green garments that I have dug out for you:
1. Green boho bag from Next £60
2. Lowie skinny belt from Asos £32
3. Lily hair clip from New Look £2.99
4. Antique metal ring from H&M £3.99
5. Oval turquoise ring from Joe Browns £8.95
6. Strappy cork shoes from H&M £29.99
7. Monsoon plain woven scarf from Accessorize £19
8. Icicle necklace from the Jewellery Stop £32.50
9. Irregular flower earrings from the Jewellery Stop £14
10. Nica khaki green bag from Very £65