Saturday, 19 March 2011

Green accessories for spring

It may have been St. Patrick’s Day the other day, and all Irish people (and Irish wannabes) were all dressed in green. That is not why I’m writing a post about this particular colour though. Green is predicted to be the on trend colour for spring 2011. Don’t go taking it to the extreme though. A few green details to your outfit is enough. Perhaps go for a green handbag, green heels, a green hairband, bracelet, necklace, belt… you get the point! Here are some gorgeous green garments that I have dug out for you:
1. Green boho bag from Next £60
2. Lowie skinny belt from Asos £32
3. Lily hair clip from New Look £2.99
4. Antique metal ring from H&M £3.99
5. Oval turquoise ring from Joe Browns £8.95
6. Strappy cork shoes from H&M £29.99
7. Monsoon plain woven scarf from Accessorize £19
8. Icicle necklace from the Jewellery Stop £32.50
9. Irregular flower earrings from the Jewellery Stop £14
10. Nica khaki green bag from Very £65

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