Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Denim love

I decided to treat myself the other day, and went for a shopping trip with my housemate. The problem with me is that when I’m in the mood for shopping I can never find anything that I want to buy. It started off like this on Saturday when I was in town. I was wandering around in the shops, barely even looking at the clothes. Just gave them a quick glance and thought “ugly”… I almost gave up straight away. But then I figured I needed a new pair of jeans. I only own two pairs of jeans that I actually wear, and one of them is extremely worn out, with ripped knees. (No, I didn’t rip them on purpose like I might have done when I was 15. They just got ripped cause I’ve loved them too much. You know what they say… love hurts.)
So on Saturday I saw these dark denim, super tight jeans with a bit of a bootcut from NEXT. I’ve always done the mistake before of buying jeans my normal size, but after a week or so they’re always too big for some reason!? I’ve tried washing them in 90 degrees, but they just don’t shrink back to the original size again. So this time I squeezed into a size 8. Could barely move the first day, (let alone bend my knees!) but now they’re a perfect fit, and I just looove them!
I was thinking about a story my mum told me, about how they had really big fitting rooms back in the 1970’s, with benches to lay down on when they put their jeans on. Apparently this was the only way to do it, if you wanted to be able to squeeze into those skin tight jeans. She also told me that they were bathing with their jeans on, and let them dry while keeping them on so that they shaped themselves after the legs. Rubbing sand on them to make them look worn out was also popular – a thing my grandpa wasn’t very fond of…

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