Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Maxi dresses and Nicole Richie's boho style

Last summer the most popular fashion item was the maxi dress. Personally, I wasn’t a fan. I tried a couple on while shopping around for summer clothes, but I didn’t really like them so I never bought one. Everywhere you looked, people was wearing colourful, flowing maxi dresses last summer. Some suited it more than others. I think this is a great style if you’ve got some curves. If you’re slim, you just look super skinny in a maxi dress.
One skinny person that actually does suite this style though, is Nicole Richie. Her whole look just screams boho, and it just suits her perfectly. Everything from the patterned dresses and baggy tunics, to the hair and accessories. Doesn’t she just look gorgeous in these pictures?
I love her collection House of Harlow. These leather and gold plated Aztec bracelets are available in 5 different colours, at $75 a piece.
Since the boho and the 1970’s styles are some of the most popular styles even this year, what better to invest in than a maxi dress? I actually bought my first one the other week. I’m not a fan of bold patterns, so the one I bought is just one colour - light purple (almost lavender) with a built in bra, and a crochet back. I bet it’s gonna be my favourite dress this spring, and I can’t wait until I can show it off in the streets of Rome in May! :D Just need to find some sandals to go with it…

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