Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Luxury custom made bridal shoes

Don’t get me wrong here… I don’t have any plans to get married in the near future (not for many years!), I just happened to come across these beautiful bridal shoes while browsing around the internet the other day, and I just needed to share them here on Fashion Infatuation. And no, I was NOT daydreaming about weddings, or anything like that. It was all random. Promise!
Anyway, don’t you agree with me that these shoes are something special? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pair of bridal shoes this gorgeous! (Not that I’ve seen many…)
They are designed by Harriet Wilde, who is known for her absolutely stunning bridal shoes and handbags. Harriet has now created an exclusive bridal footwear collection for Harrods. The idea is that you can have the shoes of your dreams by choosing exactly what design you want, and Harriet will then custom make the shoes for you with genuine satin and real Swarowski crystals. The satin can be dyed into the shade you want to match your dress perfectly. Have a look at the Harrods Shoe Budoir for more designs.
If I ever get married (that’s IF) I would definitely want a pair of shoes like these. With the decorative details on the heel they are definitely something different from the classic bridal shoes (and probably a lot more expensive!)
Better start saving up, and practising my sky scraper heel-walking if I want to be able to wear shoes like these…

Monday, 16 May 2011

Green Dream - Christina's dress in Burlesque

Yesterday I had one of those lazy days in, just watching film all day. It was Sunday after all, so I was allowed. Anyway, I ended up watching the film Burlesque, starring Christina Aguilera and Cher. I don’t know what I expected of it really, but I was positively surprised. I guess I thought it would be a bit cheesy with the whole “small town girl goes to LA and becomes a star overnight”, but it was actually really good. Great film debut from Christina. And OMG, has she got a great voice or what?! Impressive!
Now, I am not writing this post to talk about the film itself or Christina’s voice, but I am writing it to tell you about a fashion piece that made a short appearance in the film. It’s not a typical burlesque outfit with corsets, fishnet tights and skyscraper heels that I want to highlight (even though there were plenty of them in the film). Nor is it Christina’s teeny, tiny, very revealing outfit made entirely of pearls (and not very many of them), but something more elegant.
I completely fell in love with this beautiful green satin dress from designer Michael Kaplan, that Christina wears in one of the scenes while singing the song “Bound to You”. The whole look with the soft, curly hairstyle and the dramatic makeup is absolutely gorgeous.
Green is the colour of envy, right? Well, Christina Aguilera is making every girl out there (especially me) envious for looking so stunning in this dress. This is definitely the dress of my dreams!
Christina Aguilera wearing a green satin dress from designer Michael Kaplan in the film Burlesque

Friday, 13 May 2011

O'hoy! Lovely nautical, sailor inspired fashion

So the summer is right around the corner, finally! It’s almost here, I can feel it! And with summer comes my favourite kind of fashion - a trend that comes back every summer, and that never goes out of style; the nautical, sailor inspired style.
This look, with its blue and white stripes (and perhaps a little bit of red thrown in there), is the ultimate summer look. The world will just never get tired of it (I know I definitely won’t).
It’s such a fresh looking style, and it’s almost as if you can feel the ocean breeze when you see these sailor garments, don’t you think? ;) I especially like the striped Tommy Hilfiger denim ballerinas, and the Stella striped bikini.
For this summer, I have invested in a really cute blue and white striped nautical halter neck bikini (not the one in the picture though) and I am almost certain that it will be joined by a few other sailor inspired items in a very near future.