Monday, 16 May 2011

Green Dream - Christina's dress in Burlesque

Yesterday I had one of those lazy days in, just watching film all day. It was Sunday after all, so I was allowed. Anyway, I ended up watching the film Burlesque, starring Christina Aguilera and Cher. I don’t know what I expected of it really, but I was positively surprised. I guess I thought it would be a bit cheesy with the whole “small town girl goes to LA and becomes a star overnight”, but it was actually really good. Great film debut from Christina. And OMG, has she got a great voice or what?! Impressive!
Now, I am not writing this post to talk about the film itself or Christina’s voice, but I am writing it to tell you about a fashion piece that made a short appearance in the film. It’s not a typical burlesque outfit with corsets, fishnet tights and skyscraper heels that I want to highlight (even though there were plenty of them in the film). Nor is it Christina’s teeny, tiny, very revealing outfit made entirely of pearls (and not very many of them), but something more elegant.
I completely fell in love with this beautiful green satin dress from designer Michael Kaplan, that Christina wears in one of the scenes while singing the song “Bound to You”. The whole look with the soft, curly hairstyle and the dramatic makeup is absolutely gorgeous.
Green is the colour of envy, right? Well, Christina Aguilera is making every girl out there (especially me) envious for looking so stunning in this dress. This is definitely the dress of my dreams!
Christina Aguilera wearing a green satin dress from designer Michael Kaplan in the film Burlesque


  1. Hej Maria! Skoj att höra av dig! Allt bra? Som svar på din kommentar, härligt! Men vad skulle du säga är rätt accesoarer då?:)

    Ha det fint! Kram/ My

  2. SO Like you many people Loved that color and dress. I have been looking hard and far to find out what that exact color of the material would be. If you have any input and could help I would be so Apprecitive. We our 6 weeks out from the USA nationals In Vegas and wanting to make a competion suit for my Best Friend who will be in that show. She loves that color this is why the importance of exact color and then to see if i can find it in the right material. Thank you for your site and info.

  3. Good luck finding the color. You have to remember that the color of the dress is not the color you see. That photo has cool blue light which will affect the way your eye reads the dress. There are even some gold lights used to warm her face.