Monday, 27 June 2011

Get your legs out!

The British summers aren't known to be great. They're usually pretty crap to be honest.
Rainy and cloudy, and you're happy if the temperature goes above 20 °C.

I'm used to the Swedish summers where you can start dressing in tops and short skirts in May already, and all throughout the summer up until early September. You can easily get a Mediterranean-looking, proper brown tan by spending your summer in Sweden. But those sunny days are behind me...

Since I am now living in the north of England I don't get to see the sun much, and up here it seems as if people are afraid of the sun. Girls walk around in leggings all summer long and never let their legs out!

But with the lovely summer weather we've had this past weekend (I know, wow!), and today, I see no reason not to get your legs out. They'll thank you for getting to spend some time in the sun, and for getting a little bit of a healthy tan. No rub on fake tan from a bottle, but the real deal!

Don't forget the sun screen though. You don't want to end up with legs red as tomatoes.


  1. Ha ha! I think this is a hint isn't it!! Not to go out and come back looking like a lobster!! :)


  2. Happy to hear about the recent good weather, and yes, never forget the sunscreen!


  3. Happy to find your blog thru IFB :) I'm originally from West Yorkshire, but now living in Lisbon :) Enjoy Leeds, i miss the shops!!! Though will be there next week, so i'm looking forward to it!!!

    Love Charlie xxx