Thursday, 16 June 2011

Sex and the City fashion: Carrie Bradshaw

After a little break where I posted a great guest post from a fellow fashion blogger, I am now continuing with my Sex and the City fashion posts. You might have thought that my third Sex and the City fashion blogpost would be about Samantha, and that I would save Carrie Bradshaw for last. But nope!
Carrie is the one that experiments the most with her style. While the other girls may not take big fashion risks, Carrie does. She loves her fashion, and has a thing for designer shoes. She would, without a doubt, give up on good food for a month just to be able to buy a pair of shoes by Jimmy Choo or Manolo Blahnik. It’s all about the shoes! Carrie is one of those persons who wouldn’t mind going for a night out in the same clothes that she wore all day – as long as she gets to change into a pair of sky scraper high designer shoes.
Carrie has so many different styles that it’s difficult knowing where to start describing them. One day she might dress in a very girly outfit with peachy colours and ruffles, the next day she might dress in something a little bit boho-like with big patterns and flowing fabrics, and the day after that she might opt for a more sophisticated style including a pencil skirt or a pair of officy trousers, and a dressy top. Whatever style she goes for though, there is one thing you know she will always match her outfit with, and that is a pair of heels.
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