Monday, 6 June 2011

Sex and the City fashion: Charlotte York

As the true Sex and the City fan that I am I have decided to do a post for each of my 4 favourite New York girls (their characters that is, not their 'real' selves).
They are 4 best friends who knows pretty much everything about each other, but they are still 4 completely different personalities, with their own personal styles.
First up is Charlotte York. Charlotte is the most emotional, naive
and traditional of the SATC girls, and people often see her as quite prude and conservative.She prefers a look that is very natural and classic, and she often wears pencil skirts and dresses that does not reveal much flesh. At the same time she has got a thing for very girly garments, with bright colours and flowery patterns that reflect her constant optimism.
Charlotte would never take a fashion risk like Carrie would, and she has got enough self control not to end up buying items on an impuls. Some would call her style a bit boring. I would simply call it classic, elegant and sophisticated.Party: Charlotte would normally go for something simple and colourful when out for some cocktails with the other girls.
Casual: Casual for Charlotte means cute, and that's when she likes to wear really girly colours and patterns.
Work: A typical work outfit for Charlotte would be a pencil dress in
a neutral colour.
Special occasion: When it's a special occasion Charlotte dresses up as a real fashion queen with ruffles, glitz and glam. Often in very dramatic colours.

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