Friday, 10 June 2011

Sex and the City fashion: Miranda Hobbes

The second Sex and the City girl that I’ve decided to write about is Miranda Hobbes. Miranda is the most career-minded of the 4 girls, and you mostly see her in typical work outfits such as shirts, suit jackets and dressy tops. In the beginning of the series Miranda wears a more masculine style of clothes, but throughout the years her style becomes more and more feminine. In the second Sex and the City movie she dresses a bit hippyish (but in a stylish way) with long flowing patterned maxi dresses, paired with big, chunky jewellery.
Outside of work Miranda likes to dress in colourful outfits, with very earthy hues. I must say that I admire her for her outfits – it can’t be easy to match them with such red hair! But she does it brilliantly. She always looks very sophisticated and stylish.
With her slim figure she suits most styles, but the style I like the best is probable the hippie-inspired look. I think she looks absolutely stunning in colours like olive green.
Casual: You don’t see Miranda in casual outfits very often. Her everyday outfits are always very dressy. This flowing, orange dress is a perfect example of a dressy-casual outfit.
When out partying with the girls Miranda prefers
to go for really glamorous outfits with daring cuts, which suits her slim figure perfectly.
Since Miranda has to go for a very professional look for work, a typical office shirt is what she normally wears to work. She prefers dressy suit trousers to match with
it over skirts.
Special occasion:
Miranda prefers to dress in classic and sophisticated dresses for special occasions. You would probably say that she dresses more “grown-up” for these types of occasions than the other girls do. They would go for a more glamorous style.
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