Thursday, 23 June 2011

Sex and the City fashion: Samantha Jones

The last, but not the least, of the Sex and the City girls is Samantha Jones. And to be honest –she’s my favourite. I would say that Samantha is the most eccentric of them all. Even though she may not be the classiest of girls on the inside, she doesn't show it on the outside - she always dresses in absolutely stunning outfits. She is a career woman, and even though she often dresses in the typical officy pencil skirt and suit jacket, she makes sure that she does it in a very feminine way, showing off her curves.
Samantha is lucky to have the type of body that just suits any outfit. She would literally look great in anything. She won't accept the fact that she's getting old, and probably wouldn't know what "dress your age" means, and she doesn't have to!
I love the fact that she isn't afraid of dressing in vibrant colours, and big chunky accessories. It's kind of like the tells the world "look at me!" through her clothes. She wants everyone's eyes on her, and I don't blame her.

Vibrant and bold: Samantha is a big fan of vibrant colours that make her stand out from a crown. She matches her colourful outfits with big chunky accessories. A match made in heaven!
Dressy casual: You never really see Samantha in very casual clothes, but even her "casual" clothes are pretty officy. Here with a typical officy pencil skirt, where she has simply swapped the jacket with a flowing top.
Special occasion: What more than bright colours make you syand out from a crownd? Glitter and dresses where you show lots of flesh!
Work: Samantha is a business woman, and loves her office outfits - and did I mention that she loves bright colours? ;)

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  1. if you love samantha jones then you'll love her "daughter" on twitter

  2. She's my favorite SATC character. She has already been color-blocking way before the trend came out lol Nice posts! Followed you too.

    Renee (follow me too?)