Thursday, 29 September 2011

Tribute to Scottish fashion

I am going to Scotland tonight! Whoo!
I have lived in England for about 2 years, but I have never been further up north than Newcastle, which I find a bit bad. I have never been to Ireland either, for that matter...
This is going to be a lovely little weekend break. I can't wait!
My trip to Scotland is also the reason for this post... of course I had to do a Scottish inspired fashion post. Well, I have basically picked out some checked items ;)

I have learned that these checked patterns are clan patterns, meaning different families wear different coloured clothes to show what clan they belong to. I'm saying clothes, but we all know I mean kilts... right?

One must if you go to Scotland is to wear something checked!!
Therefore, I am bringing this old skirt of mine this weekend! I wonder what clan I would belong to if I wore this...

...or this gorgeous Burberry iconic checks small "haymarket" bag. No, I don't own one. It's just wishful thinking...

What clan would I belong to if I wore this beige and green checked scarf from River Island...?
...or these tights from Amazon, in the more classic Scottish colours (the colours they're known for by us non-Scotts anyway)?

Edinburgh, here I come!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Autumn fashion additions

As I mentioned in my last post, I absolutely love autumn fashion, so no wonder I've got myself a few new additions to my autumn wardrobe ;)
 The dress is from the petite line of Dorothy Perkins. It's not really me, since I very rarely wear patterns, but I thought I would try something different for once. You can't really see from the picture, but the pattern is a red and burnt orange leaf print on a black base. You tie it in the back, and believe me - it's super comfortable!

The chestnut coloured brogue shoeboots are my new favourites. I wear them with everything! They're from the Newlook shoe collection, where there at the moment are tons of pretty shoes of similar designs - a very classic style with lace up from design. The brogues are really in this year! The heel is just a good height. Not too high, which makes them very comfortable to walk in.

The rust red top is a figure fit draped top with 3/4 length sleeves from H&M. Simple, but quite dressy. I wore it with a long flowing layered black skirt and my new brogues the other day. Very autumny :)

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Autumn leaves

There is no way you can deny it anymore... autumn is here! The leaves on the trees are turning yellow, orange, red and brown.. and so is this season's fashion.
I've had a browse around a number of high-street shops for the latest trends and pretty autumn garments, and these are some items I have found that I wouldn't mind adding to my personal collection ;)
1 Tan cacoon shrug by Blonde & Blonde from BANK - £30
2 Dark yellow platform ankle boots from River Island - £60 (I sooo wish I could walk in shoes like these)
3 Rust fringed poncho from Wallis - £28
4 Chestnut Parisian belted oversized top from Newlook - £19.99
5 Orange jersey dress from H&M - £14.99
6 Mocha cord brogue wedges from Newlook - £24.99
7 Yellow gathered slinky funnel top from Newlook - £7.99
8 Red "Made with love" ruffle bag from Next - £30

While autumn is a season when most of us grieve the fact that summer is gone, at least we can console ourselves with some beautiful fashion. Autumn fashion is absolutely my favourite - without a doubt. I love the warm earthy hues, the chunky knits, the ankle boots... Adding a little bit of colour to an outfit makes such a difference. I know a lot of people avoid dressing in bold colours. Would you for example wear this red jersey dress from Dorothy Perkins? It is such a lovely dress, but in my opinion it's just a little too much. 

Sometimes it's enough just going for accessories, such as scarves or leggings, in a bold colour to make an outfit look more autumny. 

Can I just add that I absolutely love this look from the H&M website. Pairing this light brown faux leather pencil skirt with just a simple red top and a chunky necklace is such a great match! 

With autumn love


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Skin tight

Skinny jeans... you either love them or hate them.
My sisters thought I was so out of date when I kept wearing bootcut jeans a couple of years ago, cause apparently skinny jeans was the new thing. I struggled with this fashion. I just didn't know how to wear skinny jeans. Just the thought of something that tight, that shows all your flaws... naah. I just couldn't do it! First of all I thought my feet looked massive when wearing jeans that were tight all the way down to my ankles.
I started easy... step by step... going from bootcut jeans to straight jeans, and now I've finally invested in a pair of skinny jeans. I mean, suuuperskinny! (OK, my sisters are still one step ahead of me - they wear jeans so tight that they can't even get their feet out, but the jeans has to have zippers at the bottom of each leg!)
I've recently discovered this online shop called Zalando, which is where I bought my skinny jeans. I've always had a thing for Only jeans, and they were available on the site. Only is a Danish brand, and their jeans just sit perfectly on me. I often struggle to get the size right when it comes to other brands, but I can always count on the jeans from Only. Zalando had so many jeans in their clothes collection, but the ones I bought were the first ones that caught my eye. I'm wearing them today, and they're so comfortable! I'm pairing them with a very long dark olive green top, a black bolero, and a pair of pretty medium high heels in brown. The tan leather jacket is a must as well, of course ;)
When wearing skinny jeans I think you need a bit of height - a pair of heels are perfect to get a nice posture. Also, pairing skinny jeans with long tops, flowing tunics or short dresses is a great way to both dress the jeans up and down. Skinny jeans are really the perfect fashion item for any style - you can match them with almost anything.
All the jeans in the picture are available from the Zalando website. The ones I bought (Only) are the ones to the left, followed by jeans from G STAR, Outfitters Nation, Killah and Miss Sixty.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

♥ Fashion Infatuation is feeling loved ♥

My second blog award! Yay! Thank you Lil Miss Buttercup for awarding me the Tell Me About Yourself Award. Now, since the last award I got was very similar to this, and you got to know quite a few random facts about me then, I've decided to change the rules of this award slightly. Instead of 7 random things about me in general am going to let you know 7 things that I have done (or am planning to do) in 2011.

These are the rules:
*Thank and link back to the person who awarded you.
*Write 7 random things about yourself.
*Spread the LVE to more bloggers.

7 things about me:
1 As you already may know, I am a big fan of rock music, and in June this year one of my dreams came true - I went to see the most classic of all classic rockbands... BON JOVI

2 ...A week after I went to see the rock gods Foo Fighters, that I have been longing to see for years ;) What a show!

3 What's your dream destination? Well, mine is Rome... and that's another dream that came true this year. I went to Rome for the first time in May for 5 wonderful days. I definitely want to go back!
4 I started up my second blog this year. It's an art and crafts blog called The Creative Artista. Check it out ;)

5 I am starting an evening course in jewellery design next week! :D Can't wait! There will hopefully be lots of lovely crafty jewellery posts coming to this blog soon. Keep an eye out!

6 I moved in with my boyfriend in the end of June, and since then I've been trying to "influence" his taste in fashion. Basically, I've been buying his shirts for him. (Sorry hun, but I just can't stand stripy!) But that's what a girlfriend should help her boyfriend with, right? ;)

7 A secret to all of you fashion bloggers out there who see fashion as a religion; I didn't care at all about fashion before I started this blog!! Chocked? Hehe... ;)

I am giving this award to these lovely bloggers:

Please have a look at these lovelies. I am sure they'll soon be some of your favourites too!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Lame excuses...

OK, so I didn't spend a whole month away on holiday, as I may have made it sound. (although I wish that was the case!)
I guess August was just very stressful for me, and I didn't find time to write at all.
Work has been hectic as f..., I've been decorating my house (check out my art blog), I've been busy celebrating my 25th birthday, my family has been over from Sweden for a visit, and phew... that was a whole month! Where does time fly?
I had planned to make some beautiful summer fashion posts of flowing dresses, and summer sale finds... but did I have time? No!

Instead I'm just going to share this picture of me and my youngest sister with you.
She's just about to turn 18, and she's got pretty much the exact same style as I had when I was a teenager; lots of black clothes, studs, and bright red lipstick, and the converse shoes of course. It's all about the rock! ;)
As you can see I've moved over to a more colourful style - at least for the summer. Black is still my autumn and winter favourite, paired with some earthy hues. But you know what... this tan maxi dress is actually a summer sale find! I got it from Miss Selfridge, and I absolutely love it. It was my favourite outfit on my holiday. Great for a casual beach walk, but also perfect to dress up in for dinner, with some chunky accessories.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Holiday postcard to Fashion Infatuation

Dear Blog
I am sorry that I haven’t been very active with my blogging lately. The reason is that I’ve spent some nice and relaxing (and well-deserved) time far, far away!
All I’ve done is treating myself to delicious Greek food, and working on my tan.
I’ve felt the sun on my skin, the breeze in my hair, and the salty sea water on my lips… and I’ve really enjoyed it. Sorry Blog, but you didn’t cross my mind once. My best friend on this holiday was my animal print bikini from Miss Selfridge, which was a great find in the summer sales.