Sunday, 18 September 2011

♥ Fashion Infatuation is feeling loved ♥

My second blog award! Yay! Thank you Lil Miss Buttercup for awarding me the Tell Me About Yourself Award. Now, since the last award I got was very similar to this, and you got to know quite a few random facts about me then, I've decided to change the rules of this award slightly. Instead of 7 random things about me in general am going to let you know 7 things that I have done (or am planning to do) in 2011.

These are the rules:
*Thank and link back to the person who awarded you.
*Write 7 random things about yourself.
*Spread the LVE to more bloggers.

7 things about me:
1 As you already may know, I am a big fan of rock music, and in June this year one of my dreams came true - I went to see the most classic of all classic rockbands... BON JOVI

2 ...A week after I went to see the rock gods Foo Fighters, that I have been longing to see for years ;) What a show!

3 What's your dream destination? Well, mine is Rome... and that's another dream that came true this year. I went to Rome for the first time in May for 5 wonderful days. I definitely want to go back!
4 I started up my second blog this year. It's an art and crafts blog called The Creative Artista. Check it out ;)

5 I am starting an evening course in jewellery design next week! :D Can't wait! There will hopefully be lots of lovely crafty jewellery posts coming to this blog soon. Keep an eye out!

6 I moved in with my boyfriend in the end of June, and since then I've been trying to "influence" his taste in fashion. Basically, I've been buying his shirts for him. (Sorry hun, but I just can't stand stripy!) But that's what a girlfriend should help her boyfriend with, right? ;)

7 A secret to all of you fashion bloggers out there who see fashion as a religion; I didn't care at all about fashion before I started this blog!! Chocked? Hehe... ;)

I am giving this award to these lovely bloggers:

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  1. Thank You! I have reposted it on my blog!


  2. Thank you for the award, sorry it has taken so long to reply Ive been hectic in London for fashion week x