Sunday, 11 September 2011

Lame excuses...

OK, so I didn't spend a whole month away on holiday, as I may have made it sound. (although I wish that was the case!)
I guess August was just very stressful for me, and I didn't find time to write at all.
Work has been hectic as f..., I've been decorating my house (check out my art blog), I've been busy celebrating my 25th birthday, my family has been over from Sweden for a visit, and phew... that was a whole month! Where does time fly?
I had planned to make some beautiful summer fashion posts of flowing dresses, and summer sale finds... but did I have time? No!

Instead I'm just going to share this picture of me and my youngest sister with you.
She's just about to turn 18, and she's got pretty much the exact same style as I had when I was a teenager; lots of black clothes, studs, and bright red lipstick, and the converse shoes of course. It's all about the rock! ;)
As you can see I've moved over to a more colourful style - at least for the summer. Black is still my autumn and winter favourite, paired with some earthy hues. But you know what... this tan maxi dress is actually a summer sale find! I got it from Miss Selfridge, and I absolutely love it. It was my favourite outfit on my holiday. Great for a casual beach walk, but also perfect to dress up in for dinner, with some chunky accessories.


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