Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Skin tight

Skinny jeans... you either love them or hate them.
My sisters thought I was so out of date when I kept wearing bootcut jeans a couple of years ago, cause apparently skinny jeans was the new thing. I struggled with this fashion. I just didn't know how to wear skinny jeans. Just the thought of something that tight, that shows all your flaws... naah. I just couldn't do it! First of all I thought my feet looked massive when wearing jeans that were tight all the way down to my ankles.
I started easy... step by step... going from bootcut jeans to straight jeans, and now I've finally invested in a pair of skinny jeans. I mean, suuuperskinny! (OK, my sisters are still one step ahead of me - they wear jeans so tight that they can't even get their feet out, but the jeans has to have zippers at the bottom of each leg!)
I've recently discovered this online shop called Zalando, which is where I bought my skinny jeans. I've always had a thing for Only jeans, and they were available on the site. Only is a Danish brand, and their jeans just sit perfectly on me. I often struggle to get the size right when it comes to other brands, but I can always count on the jeans from Only. Zalando had so many jeans in their clothes collection, but the ones I bought were the first ones that caught my eye. I'm wearing them today, and they're so comfortable! I'm pairing them with a very long dark olive green top, a black bolero, and a pair of pretty medium high heels in brown. The tan leather jacket is a must as well, of course ;)
When wearing skinny jeans I think you need a bit of height - a pair of heels are perfect to get a nice posture. Also, pairing skinny jeans with long tops, flowing tunics or short dresses is a great way to both dress the jeans up and down. Skinny jeans are really the perfect fashion item for any style - you can match them with almost anything.
All the jeans in the picture are available from the Zalando website. The ones I bought (Only) are the ones to the left, followed by jeans from G STAR, Outfitters Nation, Killah and Miss Sixty.

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