Monday, 31 October 2011

The witch style is not only for Halloween...

Happy Halloween - Get the witch style
Can I just say that I love this time of year, just because you get an excuse to dress a little bit like a witch ;) And not just for Halloween, but the whole autumn and winter! The witch inspired fashion, which in this case really is fashion from the 18th and 19th century, comes back every autumn. Just look at all the lovely lace up boots that come back in all the stores' collections every year, the felt hats, the leather bags, the wool capes, the flowing ruffled skirts (really can't have too many of them!)... these items don't necessarily have to be "witch style" but combining them together... I, personally, am absolutely hooked on this fashion. Sure, I probably wouldn't squeeze in to a corset other than on occasions where it was appropriate, and I might skip the hat (don't want to mess up the hair!) but the rest is added to my list of lovable fashion.
Fashion Infatuation Witch fashion = true!

Friday, 28 October 2011

Versace for H&M

 I think it's amazing how big designer brands team up and collaborate with normal high-street clothes shops. This time it's Versace who is launching a collection for H&M. H&M has had one or a couple of designer collaborations each year since 2004, when the first one out was Karl Lagerfeld. This collection was extremely popular, and people were queuing outside the shops for hours to get inside and see the wonderful clothes. The year after, in 2005, H&M got together with Stella McCartney, and since then we have seen collections at H&M for Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Lanvin and the big shoe favourite Jimmy Choo.

It's great for H&M to collaborate with big designer brands in order to gain popularity, but I bet the designers are only doing it to get us all hooked on the amazing designs of the brand. We are going to end up being so obsessed with quality tailored-like clothes that we have to buy the real thing once they've stopped selling it in H&M... :P

The Versace collection is available in store for a limited time only from the 17th of November this year.
Here are some sneak peaks on some of the lovely items that you will find in H&M shortly. Get ready to get your hands on them!


Sunday, 23 October 2011

1920's Autumn Style

If I could have lived in another decade, I would have chosen the 1920's. "Why?", you wonder. Well, just think about it - there was the catchy Charleston music with the lovely jumpy dancing, post war happiness, dramatic looks with lots of eye makeup and short hair with glamorous curls, all the pretty dresses with fringes, feathers in your hair, cute hats, and my favourite; the heeled brogues!
I bought my first brogues a few years ago, and after that I was obsessed! Most of my heels are of brogue style nowadays. I think this style is so utterly flattering for your feet, and the laces make them look super pretty. The rounded toe, the little fringed details - what's not to love?! Here is a little collage of a few pretty hats and brogues perfect to complete an Autumn outfit and to get a bit of a 20's twist :)
Ivory hat from Nordstrom
Red hat from Joseph M
Black hat from Debenhams
Black brogues from
Black and cream brogues from Dorothy Perkins
Tan brogues from Miss Selfridge

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Get the style: Green satin dresses a la Christina's in Burlesque

Green satin dresses a la Burlesque
 I know, I know... Christina Aguilera again?! The thing is, I've had such a good response from my post about the green dress she is wearing in the film Burlesque. (buy the film from Amazon by clicking the link) Remember that post I wrote? So I thought, why not make a "how to get the look"-post. The actual Michael Kaplan dress she is wearing in the film is a one of a kind, and is unfortunately not available on the market. There might be replicas out there, but here are 3 lovely green satin dresses of a similar design that I have found for you guys. I am totally smitten with the one I've used in my second example below. Add a few other bits to the outfit, and you'll pretty much get the exact look of Christina Aguilera when she was singing "Bound to You" in Burlesque. Gorgeous!

Get the style - Christina Aguilera in Burlesque
As I said, I've used my favourite one of the 3 dresses pictured above. Pair that with matching green satin shoes and a white hair flower. Make your hair curly with the help of a crimping iron (I've got one by obh nordica - the one pictured - and it's great!), draw thick lines of eyeliner above your eyes, and apply bright red lipstick. Finish off with a matching red nail polish, and you've achieved the look of Christina.
All of the 3 dresses are available from PacificPlex, and Amazon.
And great news; PacificPlex ships internationally! 

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Lovely Lace Dresses

Lovely Lace

What can I say... Parisian inspiration and absolutely gorgeous lace dresses.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Scottish clan wedding dresses

As you may have seen from my post last week, I visited Scotland for the first time this weekend.
A three-day trip to Edinburgh was just what I needed to cheer myself up now when the summer weather is gone and it's just getting darker and gloomier every day.
My last post was about Scottish inspired fashion (in this case just a few checked items that I picked out) but I am now going to tell you about the genuine Scottish fashion.

The thing is... I was wandering around on the streets in Edinburgh and I passed this wedding shop. Now, I knew that most Scottish men dress in the traditional kilt made out of tartan fabric for their wedding, but what I didn't know is that the bride can choose to dress in tartan fabric as well! I thought the bride just dressed in the classic white dress, but I was very wrong! 

When I passed this wedding shop I saw a very eye-catching wedding dress in the window; a green and purple checked dress! I couldn't believe it! I thought it was really odd at first, but after having thought about it for a while I thought it was quite pretty. The dress was quite medieval looking, which is really the style of all things that are typically Celtic, and it had lots of pretty details like the old-fashioned lace-up tieback. 

Although I got used to looking at this odd Scottish clan dress in the end, I think I would still prefer to go for the classic white for my future wedding...
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