Sunday, 23 October 2011

1920's Autumn Style

If I could have lived in another decade, I would have chosen the 1920's. "Why?", you wonder. Well, just think about it - there was the catchy Charleston music with the lovely jumpy dancing, post war happiness, dramatic looks with lots of eye makeup and short hair with glamorous curls, all the pretty dresses with fringes, feathers in your hair, cute hats, and my favourite; the heeled brogues!
I bought my first brogues a few years ago, and after that I was obsessed! Most of my heels are of brogue style nowadays. I think this style is so utterly flattering for your feet, and the laces make them look super pretty. The rounded toe, the little fringed details - what's not to love?! Here is a little collage of a few pretty hats and brogues perfect to complete an Autumn outfit and to get a bit of a 20's twist :)
Ivory hat from Nordstrom
Red hat from Joseph M
Black hat from Debenhams
Black brogues from
Black and cream brogues from Dorothy Perkins
Tan brogues from Miss Selfridge

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