Thursday, 20 October 2011

Get the style: Green satin dresses a la Christina's in Burlesque

Green satin dresses a la Burlesque
 I know, I know... Christina Aguilera again?! The thing is, I've had such a good response from my post about the green dress she is wearing in the film Burlesque. (buy the film from Amazon by clicking the link) Remember that post I wrote? So I thought, why not make a "how to get the look"-post. The actual Michael Kaplan dress she is wearing in the film is a one of a kind, and is unfortunately not available on the market. There might be replicas out there, but here are 3 lovely green satin dresses of a similar design that I have found for you guys. I am totally smitten with the one I've used in my second example below. Add a few other bits to the outfit, and you'll pretty much get the exact look of Christina Aguilera when she was singing "Bound to You" in Burlesque. Gorgeous!

Get the style - Christina Aguilera in Burlesque
As I said, I've used my favourite one of the 3 dresses pictured above. Pair that with matching green satin shoes and a white hair flower. Make your hair curly with the help of a crimping iron (I've got one by obh nordica - the one pictured - and it's great!), draw thick lines of eyeliner above your eyes, and apply bright red lipstick. Finish off with a matching red nail polish, and you've achieved the look of Christina.
All of the 3 dresses are available from PacificPlex, and Amazon.
And great news; PacificPlex ships internationally! 

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  1. These are very good copies though and the dress in the second picture would be my fav too :) Great post and great pictures :)