Friday, 28 October 2011

Versace for H&M

 I think it's amazing how big designer brands team up and collaborate with normal high-street clothes shops. This time it's Versace who is launching a collection for H&M. H&M has had one or a couple of designer collaborations each year since 2004, when the first one out was Karl Lagerfeld. This collection was extremely popular, and people were queuing outside the shops for hours to get inside and see the wonderful clothes. The year after, in 2005, H&M got together with Stella McCartney, and since then we have seen collections at H&M for Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Lanvin and the big shoe favourite Jimmy Choo.

It's great for H&M to collaborate with big designer brands in order to gain popularity, but I bet the designers are only doing it to get us all hooked on the amazing designs of the brand. We are going to end up being so obsessed with quality tailored-like clothes that we have to buy the real thing once they've stopped selling it in H&M... :P

The Versace collection is available in store for a limited time only from the 17th of November this year.
Here are some sneak peaks on some of the lovely items that you will find in H&M shortly. Get ready to get your hands on them!



  1. Aww great post! I love the purple dress.. The red one is nice it just wouldnt suit me though.

  2. the red dress is gorgeous! It's so great that everyone has the opportunity to purchase great items like this!