Monday, 31 October 2011

The witch style is not only for Halloween...

Happy Halloween - Get the witch style
Can I just say that I love this time of year, just because you get an excuse to dress a little bit like a witch ;) And not just for Halloween, but the whole autumn and winter! The witch inspired fashion, which in this case really is fashion from the 18th and 19th century, comes back every autumn. Just look at all the lovely lace up boots that come back in all the stores' collections every year, the felt hats, the leather bags, the wool capes, the flowing ruffled skirts (really can't have too many of them!)... these items don't necessarily have to be "witch style" but combining them together... I, personally, am absolutely hooked on this fashion. Sure, I probably wouldn't squeeze in to a corset other than on occasions where it was appropriate, and I might skip the hat (don't want to mess up the hair!) but the rest is added to my list of lovable fashion.
Fashion Infatuation Witch fashion = true!


  1. Totally agree, love the cape & boots, in fact I kinda love the hat too!x

  2. I can just see the corset, skirt and boots together - They make an amazing outfit
    Very nice

  3. Couldn't agree more... it is always Halloween for me! I wore an all-fishnet-and-spikes (multiple dog collars and Gaultier vest held together by metal rings) CBGB type getup out, and got chastised by my friends for "looking like normal". Tough crowd!!

  4. This is all very "Moulin Rouge" i like the laces and corsets =) !

    I am personally not a fan of liquid foundation because i feel like it's sticky and I'm almost afraid to touch my face when i have some on! But I tried some and it does even out my face so i might try to get over the stickiness and start wearing some daily !
    I'm not looking for the full coverage thoe !

    xxx Vee