Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Celebrity hair trends - hair extensions

 Celebrities ouze of glamour and luxury, and on the red carpet they all look like super models with their killer bodies and amazing locks. The trend of hair extensions amongst celebs is huge, and some pull it off better than others. Victoria Beckham's long highlighted brown hair is absolutely gorgeous, and it looks very natural.

So does Lindsay Lohan's long auburn mane. Can I have the number to her hair dresser, please!?

Paris Hilton rocks both a short crop and long curls with the help of great lengths hair extensions, and she knows it! Her extensions, just as Victoria's and Lindsay's, look very natural, and they're probably made out of real human hair.

It's one thing having Hollywood locks, but when is it too much? Miley Cyrus has gone a bit extreme with her extensions, and her hair looks very much like a bird's nest.

You can tell Nicole Richie's extensions aren't real, but they look very plastic! This doesn't look great at all. I really hope she sacked her hair dresser after this fiasco! She looks a thousand times better in a shorter hair style,

But hold on... it gets worse! Hair extensions can look gorgeous, but if you put them in the wrong way, or use cheap low quality material they can look absolutely awful. So be careful! Two celebs who've made a really bad choice when it comes to fake hair is Britney Spears and Axl Rose from Guns'n'Roses. I guess Britney can be excused cause of the fact that she shaved off all her hair a few years ago...


  1. LOL oh my! Maybe the scary Britney extensions were from when her hair started growing after she shaved it off? Otherwise I cannot think of an excuse for that!

  2. Great post! Lindsay Lo looks amzing in these pictures.. I agree Nicole looks pretty plastic in these and they do look so fake. xoxox