Tuesday, 22 November 2011

My pick of amazing skirts for Winter

In my first ever post on this blog I wrote about how my style has developed since I was a teenager, and I described myself as a "skirt freak". My belief is that you can't have too many skirts.
I bring to you my favourite skirts for Autumn and Winter - patterned, one-coloured and leather skirts. Have a look, and enjoy! :) Which one is your favourite?

My favourite one of the patterned ones is the beige and black stripy puffy skirt. I really like the mustardy one of the one-coloured skirts. Out of the leather skirts I would definitely place the black one with zipper detailed pockets as number one, with the tan skirt with the bow as a close second.


  1. The houndstooth mini, The black folded, and the tan pencil leather are my favs although they are all nice

  2. I love that black and brown striped patterened skirt!! Some amazing skirts here.. :) xoxo