Thursday, 17 November 2011

Thick, knitted winter tights

I am already tired of winter, and it's not even here yet...
But one thing I do like about winter is all the warm and cozy clothes you get to wear; chunky cardigans, warm boots, fluffy scarves, and the best thing - thick knitted tights!
I admit - I've got a thing for tights. I might not wear patterned ones very often (although I would like to) but I love wearing coloured ones. My favourite is a pair of thick dark purple tights I bought from M&S last year.
I recently found this tights shop, with the incredible name of Tights Tights Tights - could it be any better?! ;)
I could easily fill shopping bag after shopping bag with their collections. These tights below are my favourite ones of theirs. Note the awesome zebra ones! ;)


  1. oooo lovely post! Tights are wonderful and are great to see now the weather is getting a bit colder - The zebra patterned and the herring bone patterned are both superb!

  2. Love these! Nothing is warmer.

  3. Aww amazing tights. I really need to get my self out to the shops and buy some of these cosy looking tights :)

    Great post xxoxox

  4. I've become more and more obsessed with tights lately. the thicker the better.