Thursday, 15 December 2011

Evening dresses for Christmas and New Year's Eve

♪ ♫ Christmas time, mistletoe and wine... ♪ ♫ WINE! And there's gonna be wine for New Year's Eve as well, but in a bubblier form. This is the season of celebrations, and you're better off celebrating in style. So here comes the same question that you ask yourself every year at this time; What am I going to wear for Christmas and New Year's Eve?

I like to dress up for Christmas - even though I usually only spend it with my family. And for New Year's Eve the motto is; the more glamorous and sophisticated - the better.
I tend to opt for a semi casual dress in a dark, wintery colour like black, purple or red for Christmas, and a fancy evening dress with a little bit of sparkle for New Year's Eve. 

Need some inspiration? Check out these gorgeous evening dresses that I've picked out! As you can see I've chosen to go for typical holiday colours.

My favourite is the black short dress with folded details at the top right from Coast.

If you don't fancy squeezing into a dress for your celebrations (they can be a bit tight around this time of year with all the yummy Christmas food!) then opt for a party top that you match with either a skirt, or some fancy trousers.

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  1. I loved your choices dear! I spend Christmas with my family too but since it's such a day I like so much I just love to dress myself up! :)