Sunday, 15 January 2012

Fair trade fashion

Don't you think that buying fashion for a good cause makes you feel super good about yourself?
I do! I can't say I've tried it numbers of times, but every time I do I feel great. Remember, buying for a good cause doesn't mean you have to buy second hand clothes from some local charity shop. Nowadays there are so many companies out there that sell fair trade clothing, and this really inspires me. Knowing that my money goes to help countries in poverty really motivates me to buy these kind of clothes.

The countries involved in fair trading are usually in Africa, South America and Asia, and as we all know those continents are known for their tribal patterns and vibrant colours. Although I love colourful clothing and patterns I think it's more for wearing in the summer, as they can be quite extreme.

Below are some pictures of the beautiful Beyoncé from her video "Put it in a love song", wearing some really awesome tribal patterned clothes. The video was filmed in Brazil, so I can imagine that the patterns of her outfit are inspired by one of the very many Indian tribes in Brazil, such as Tupi, Tapirapé or Terena.

I've found a fair trade shop online called Traidcraft and I was amazed by their collection of handmade accessories - especially the bags and scarves.

Some of the bags are made by recycled materials, and I think this is fantastic! You can see the whole collection of handmade accessories from Traidcraft here.

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