Tuesday, 24 January 2012

My hair colours throughout the years

I've never been one to experiment a lot with my hairstyle. I've kept to long hair all my life, except for one time when I was 10 and I cut my hair in a super short bob like the Swedish pop singer Robyn - she made it a big trend amongst us girls back in the mid 90's. I'm just saying one thing - never again!
On the other hand - I've not been afraid of experimenting with my hair colour. Ever since I was 14 I've coloured my hair, and during my college years I made sure to try as many colours as possible. I coloured my hair into a new colour every month! It went from blonde to brown, to red, to black and then back again. As you can imagine I've had all sorts of weird "in between"-colours. It sure isn't easy going from dark to lighter, and I usually ended up with lots of odd coloured highlights in my hair. Back when I was a rock chic teenager my favourite colour was my very dark brown hair that had a purple shine to it.

These photos are all of me from the age of 16 until now (25). The most recent one is the last one of the blonde ones, which was taken a few months ago. This medium ashy blonde colour is pretty much my natural colour. Yes, I've finally gotten tired of colouring my hair, and nowadays I stick to a colour that is as close to my natural colour as possible. Call it laziness ;)


  1. You look great in all colors! I have been coloring for a while, but always seem to stick to something fairly close to my natural color.

  2. wowwww! you´re on of those girls who looks great with any colour. so jelous!!! Somewhere between medium and blonde it´s your perfect choice ;) or at least for me


  3. Wow! I love and admire that you can rock so many colors and they all look great. I could never do that.

    Red Soles and Red Wine