Monday, 30 January 2012

My latest fashion crush

I've got a new fashion crush. It's nothing fancy, and nothing designer made, but it's a very simple garment - the eternity scarf, or the so called snood.
I've always had a thing for pretty scarves, but when I bought my first snood from the Swedish store Gina Tricot I was completely hooked! I'm never going back to normal scarves again!
 These lovelies are all from Topshop (I'm sorry, but I could only find the prices for them is USD);
Top ones from the left:
Cranberry coloured grunge jersey snood $32
Cluster floral snood $32
Mink zig zag snood $32

Bottom ones from the left:
Grey angora cable snood $56
Navy fine knit cable snood $32
Pumpkin coloured angora cable snood $56

The snood is a fantastic invention - you can wear it in so many different ways. You can wear it as a basic scarf or a double scarf (I prefer the double). If it's cold or rainy outside you can turn it into a hood in one simple step. You can also wear it as a bolero (something I'm a big fan of when sitting in my cold office!), or a simple blanket (perfect when travelling on cold trains etc!).
Feel like doing something different with your snood? Jump into it and put a tight waist belt on, and you've got yourself a knitted dress! Check out all the ways you can wear your snood (or circle scarf, if you prefer to call it that) below. Obsessed yet? ;)


  1. I absolutely love snoods! I remember when Burberry came out with them I was obsessed! (got the red one!)

  2. I'm absolutely obsessed with these scarves too! They're awersome. so easy!!!