Sunday, 29 January 2012

My love for antique jewellery

I first saw the film Titanic when I was 12, and I was completely sold! I got absolutely obsessed with the film, and that is also when I developed my love for antique jewellery. 

Remember the famous Titanic necklace? 
"La coeur de la mer", or in English - "The heart of the ocean", was the necklace that Rose (Kate Winslet) wore when Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) drew her nude portrait, and that she then threw into the dark sea in the end of the film.

My dear grandma gave me my own blue necklace not long after the Titanic film was released. I was the happiest little 12 year old in the world! I used to play that I was Rose from the film, and used to wear the necklace all the time.


It wasn't until many years later that I actually realised how valuable this necklace was. 

My grandma got this beautiful silver necklace with a blue stone from a relative when she was very young, and now it was my turn to inherit it. 

I have no idea how old this necklace is, but it must me at least 80 years old. It's my most precious piece of jewellery, and I can't admire it enough. The blue stone is just the right kind of blue, and I especially like the tiny silver swirl details around the sides.

This will definitely be my "something old" and "something blue" when I get married :)

I've got a few pieces of antique silver jewellery, and one of them is this handmade ring that my other grandma once bought in Africa. 

The tiny details are just extraordinary - I just can't imagine the skills you would need to have to be able to make something as beautiful as this by hand. 
From the look of it, it's made by very thin silver threads.

This grandma of mine also gave me this lovely little silver necklace in a round frame with 4 glass beads and a leaf that goes through the middle.

I would believe that this necklace is about 40 years old. The beads look pretty plain in this photo - they look more light blue in real life.

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