Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A woman's right to pampering

Can I just say, my man is amazing ;) He proper spoilt me rotten for Christmas! He got me some really amazing Christmas presents that any girl would kill for. I kid you not! Unfortunately for you guys, I'm not gonna tell you the number 1 fantastic present he got me - if I do, then you're gonna try to steal him off me! ;)
Other than this number 1 fantastic present (which might or might not be a trip somewhere) he got me some lovely pampering products. Every woman has the right to some full on luxury pampering, and what better way to do it than with some gorgeously scented bath and body products from Sanctuary.

This 5 piece set of bath, shower and body products is my new favourite. I absolutely love the smell of these products, and could easily stay in the shower or bath all day just to inhale the scents. The body scrub is great. Compared to other body scrubs which often have either too big seeds in them, not enough or way too much, this scrub has just enough scrubby bits.

I've never been a big fan of lotions and body butters, but seriously - the smells of these body butters in the Sanctuary Skin Quenching Collection are mesmerising! The Sensuous Body Souffle is definitely my favourite.

I also got a very weird looking fresh face mask from Lush, which was pure green and pepperminty. I couldn't find that exact one on the Lush website, but this image is of the most similar looking one. I read the ingredients and it's stuff like Absolute vanilla vodka in it. Eeh.. odd! How can that be good for your skin? I tried the mask on one night last week and it does feel bloody good though! ;)

My sister, who's a hair dresser, got me some great professional salon products from Redken. No more pulling my tangled hair when trying to brush it after a shower!

As well as this, I also got my favourite perfume by Ralph Lauren. This one has a really fresh and floral scent and is perfect as a "day perfume". Apparently this perfume is the result of mixing green apple leaves, orange mandarin, pink magnolia and purple freesia. No wonder it smells so wonderfully! I used to have the purple Ralph Lauren perfume before as well - "HOT" - which is more spicy, and suits a night out. Unfortunately they've stopped making it. Gutted!

I hope you all got spoilt rotten for Christmas as well :)

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