Sunday, 5 February 2012

Holiday shoe shopping

How long before a holiday can you start your countdown? Today it's 60 days until I'm going away to get some sun - exactly 2 months! I've got a feeling this is gonna be the best Easter ever :D I so need this. I can't wait! My pale, ugly face is in desperate need of a tan - the kind you get from the Central American sun ;)
I've actually already started shopping for my holiday. Last week I got myself a bargain dress from the Boohoo sale. It's a really lovely and summery halterneck dress with pearl details, and I got it for only a fiver! (down from £20) Sometimes, shopping from last season's collections is really worth it!

It's time to start looking for some suitable shoes as well. My dear man keeps saying I've got too many shoes already and that I need to throw some out - but a girl just can't have too many shoes! And besides, most shoes I have are meant for the crappy English weather - what I need are some summer shoes that can take extreme heat. This means I'm gonna have to go for shoes with straps, that are very open. I've had a thought about it and sure, I would like to buy 10 pairs for this 10 days long holiday, but after thinking about the different things that I'll be doing I've narrowed it down a bit, and I've decided that I'll be needing 3 different types of shoes.
The best way of browsing shoes is online, and this time I've been looking at the fab collection over at Brantano Shoes. For my days by the pool or on the beach I'll just need some simple shoes that I can just jump in and out of really quickly, and that don't get ruined if I walk in the sand. I've found these super cute skechers that'll do the job! I love the fact that they're wooden. That, and the white colour with the little sparkly studs makes them look so summery, and they won't look too clumsy paired with only a bikini. I know they're a bit chunky, but the small heel will only flatter my figure, right? :P
The second pair of shoes I'll need is some great walking shoes. I'm not talking about hiking here, but more for walking in town, and around touristy places such as Mayan sites, etc. The shoes need to be open (otherwise I'll sweat to death!) but they need to sit on my feet properly, so these strappy sandals from Hush Puppies will be perfect! They've got a spongy sole as well, so they will definitely be comfortable to go for long walks in. I bought a similar pair from Next last year, but after my mega-touristy trip to Rome when I walked for about 10 hours a day they were pretty much worn out.
The last shoe I'll need is a bit of a fancier high heeled shoe. The resort I'll be staying in is a very posh place, and there is a dress code for all the restaurants. Saying that, I don't want to go for anything too fancy, but a normal high heeled sandal will be fine. I would love to opt for these pretty coral ladies sandals in leather. They would be stylish enough, and they would go with most types of summery evening outfits.

What do you think? Is it too early to start looking for holiday outfits for April already? Do you agree with the choices I've made regarding the different types of shoes you'll need for a holiday in the sun?

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  1. Hey there! Thanks for visiting my blog, sorry I only just got back to you! Been AWOL! I know the feeling with holidays! It's like the goal on the horizon that keeps you going isn't it!!!! Preetty dress choice too!