Saturday, 17 March 2012

Digging for Aztek gold

In exactly 19 days I'm off on a trip halfway round the world to dig for Aztek gold...
Naah, not really. Actually, I'm just off to Mexico to see the sun, since we never get to see it here in England.
The funny thing though is that everywhere I look this season I seem to see Aztek prints. It's absolutely everywhere, and it's super hot this season!
I went to the White Rose centre in Leeds earlier today, and I had a brief look in Republic. Seriously, everywhere I looked there were Aztek prints. Just look at the collage above that I've put together with fashion worth calling "Aztek gold". All from this season's Republic collection.
 A favourite of mine was this simple orangey-red bodycon dress for £16.99

 And another one of my favourites was this dipped hep dress in red and black for £25

1 comment:

  1. I really love the sleeveless cardigan with fringe on bottom left and the skirt on the upper right! Great pieces!! I'm obsessed with Aztec! xx