Monday, 26 March 2012

It's a real bikini jungle out there...

So, who agrees with me that it's difficult to choose a bikini?
I'm going on holiday next week, and I'm having a really hard time choosing what bikini to get.
The problem is that the spring collections only just came out in the shops, and I need this very essential summer item right now, which means there are not that many different bikinis to choose from! Only a few shops have a very tiny collection of bikinis in store at the moment...
I don't really want to order online since you are not allowed to return a bikini, so what do I do?!?
I've had a browse online, and there are so many pretty bikinis out there...

I know I only just bought a new bikini last summer that I only wore for a week, but I've just got a thing for buying new bikinis every year.
I want a bikini that is easy to put on, that sits where it should sit without falling off when I'm swimming, but that doesn't cover too much (I don't want any big ugly tan marks). Oh, what a pickle! On top of colour and pattern you also have to consider bandeau, padded or non padded, halterneck, normal bra-shape...? I might be better off just sunbathing topless...!

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