Sunday, 29 April 2012

Forever 21 teams up with charity organisation for new Spring line

It seems I'm following the lines of charity here, after my post the other day about the charity fashion event I attended. This time it's not about any horrible diseases, but about bringing fresh and clean water to those in need. 

The high-street fashion store Forever 21 has teamed up with The Samburu Project to help bring clean water to people in Samburu, Kenya, by channeling the tribal feeling in their new clothing line. The tribal pattern is one of this Spring's hottest trends, so why not be fashionable and support a good cause at the same time! 

For every item you buy from their Give to Love, Love to Give clothing line Forever 21 will give 10% of the purchase price to The Samburu Project, all the way until 2013. 

I really think it's amazing when brands give some of their own profit to charities. This is so inspiring, and I hope that more brands will follow!

Image credit: Forever 21

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  1. This is amazing news! I love Forever 21 and now I have even more reasons to go buy lots of clothes from them!

    I think it's great what they are doing and good on you for helping to promote their cause :)

    Chessie xx