Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Packing for my Central American holiday!

This evening consisted of me running around in the house, trying to remember everything I needed to pack for my holiday. Passport, money, tickets, adapters... and some nice clothes of course! Very important ;)
Here are a few of the things I'm taking with me to Mexico...

1 A simple but cute, strapless red dress.
2 Comfy walking saldals - very important for when going out to explore the area. These were my best friends in Rome last year.
3 Travel adapters. I don't know what sort of plugs they have in Central America, so I'm bringing them all!
4 Book; "Stolen" by Lesley Pearse - something to entertain myself with when lying in the sunchair
5 My favourite perfume - Ralph Lauren (the blue one). Smells just lovely! :)
6 Bikini. Essential!!! I was given this cute bikini by fellow blogger Top Style Advice. Thank you!
7 My trusty ghd straighteners. My hair has a tendency to turn into a birds nest when on holiday, with the salty water and sand and all, so my ghd is my savior.
8 Comfy linen shorts - I went a bit crazy and bought these shorts in 3 different colours!
9 Strappy going out sandals with a wedge heel.
10 Another (hopefully) great book. I absolutely love reading when I'm on holiday :) This one is "The other hand" by Chris Cleave

Things I WISH I could pack in my suitcase for this holiday...
A girl is never happy when it comes to holiday clothes, is that not right? You can never have enough, and even if you've bought everything essential for your trip, you always find more things you want.
I recently discovered the online/airport shop Holiday Wardrobe, and they've got some lovely items in store. Why, why, why did I not know about this shop a month or so ago?! I've spotted a few items I would love to have had packed in my suitcase...
Beaded Aztek kaftan - £14.99 (Sale! Was £24.99)
 I've never been much for kaftans before, but this beaded Aztek kaftan is just gorgeous! It would have been very suitable for this trip as well, since I'm going to the country of lots of indian tribes. I would have fitted right in ;)
Golden bikini with animal tooth detail - £21.99
When I was on the hunt for bikinis a couple of weeks ago, there weren't many shops that actually had the swimwear collections in store yet. If I had gotten the chance I would so have bought this golden bikini with an animal tooth detail in the front.
Cowboy inspired straw hat - £11.99
I've been looking for a beach hat! One that I can wear while lying in my sunchair, and that would stop me from being blinded by the sun while reading. This cowboy inspired straw hat would have been perfect! I love a bit of a western style. Hopefully they'll have a Holiday Wardrobe store in Gatwick :)

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  1. Hope you have an amazing time! Love the bikini and kaftan, wish I could get those too! :p xx