Thursday, 24 May 2012

Chill in the park with smoothie and pretty nails

Oh yes! The lovely summer weather has finally reached this big miserable island in the west. It’s been about 25 degrees all week, and it’s looking like it’s gonna stay for at least a few more days. I can’t wait til the weekend! Those sun-chairs I bought last year will finally get used ;)

I hate when it’s sunny during the weeks though… Why? Cause I’m stuck in an office every day until 5.30, and by that time it’s already too late to properly enjoy the sun. All I get is 1 lousy hour at lunchtime when I try to soak up as much of the sun as I possibly can.
Yesterday after work I went to the park with my friend Kristina (who just started up a fashion blog of her own called Mode of Style) and we got to enjoy the last bit of sunshine of the day. I was wearing in my newly bought lace ballerina shoes from NewLook, while enjoying a lovely Starbucks raspberry and black currant smoothie. Yum!
I never thought I would ever post a photo of my toes on my blog… but I just painted my nails the other day and I got to like this nailpolish so much that I wanted to show you! It’s a No.7 polish called Verona.
I used the same pink metallic nailpolish for the tips of my fingernails as well, but with another colour underneath (2true lilac pink/orchid).
So… a shoe+toes+nailpolish post… and some free advertising for Starbucks. An odd one, but I hope you’ve enjoyed it.
Now get out there and enjoy the sun as much as you can if you’re not stuck in an office like me!


  1. Nice nails!

  2. cute pink nails, but I'm totally in love with your star tattoo! <3<3
    following you now honey:)

  3. Such cute nails, very original!!!! Kisses

  4. loving the nails :)