Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Current Shoe Trends in the World of Fashion

High heels with studs
Kim Kardashian in platform heelsCelebrities and fashion gurus alike are united in their lust for beautiful shoes. The perfect shoe is not only a work of art in its own rights; it's the perfect way to finish off any outfit. Check out the five new footwear trends sweeping the catwalk and storming the red carpet this year.

The Chunky Platform
Although high heels have been around for an eternity and could be classed as the staple of
ladies shoes, it's only recently that designers have begun looking at the sole of the shoe as a basis for experimentation. Platform heels are no longer relegated to the eighties; they've come back with a vengeance. With a quirky modern twist, however, the platform portion of the shoe has become an area for experimentation - and pushing limits. From the bulging convex style recently worn by a famous female pop singer in a music video, to the asymmetric sky-high soles loved by the Kardashians; the chunky platform is here to stay.

The Wedge
The ultimate in summer shoe fashion, the wedge is unique in that it can embody flirtatiousness, style, and fun. For the perfect August footwear, a wedge with a straw heel and a patterned canvas body can be paired with a cute pair of denim shorts and a halter neck top. They're also the perfect holiday shoe, worn to finish off a summer dress. A more elegant design might include a leather design with metallic shades of gold and bronze.

Animal Print
This fierce footwear trend has rocketed in popularity over the past two summers, and isn't slowing down now! Go wild with cheetah or leopard print if you're wearing a tan or camel shade - if vibrant colour is more your style, there's also zebra print or snakeskin available. They don't even have to come in the traditional realistic shades: electric blue, purple and hot pink animal designs have been spotted on celebrity feet this year so far.
Crazy designer heels
Victoria Beckham in blue high heelsDecorated Heels 
No longer are the heels of shoes just meant to support the height of the shoe! Now, they're a fashion statement in their own right. Designers are racing to compete with each other, trying to create the zaniest designs. Current fashion trends include metallic studs embedded down the length of the heel; heels entirely made up of a curving twist of gleaming metal; heels created from translucent plastic with liquid or beads hidden inside. An interesting and unique heel design can easily become the focus of a fashionable summer shoe. You can find hidden bejewelled treasures in smaller boutique style
shoe shops or get to the local arts and crafts shop and make your own creations!


Go Blue for Max Cool
Blue is easily the shade to be seen in on the red carpet! Not only on the bodies of celebrities or fashion icons, but on their footwear as well. There's a shade of blue that suits everybody; from the powder blue that flatters pale skin, to the deep navy that contrasts so well with tan tones. Blue shoes can come in a variety of materials, the most popular being suede, patent leather and blue-coloured snakeskin. 

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