Thursday, 31 May 2012

Featured: lilac embroidered dress

Another new addition to my wardrobe. But don't worry - it's not like I've splashed out or anything. The dress is only from "Primani". I rarely shop there - I really can't stand the crazy crowd of people pushing through the narrow aisles. Most of the clothes in there is just low quality sh*t, but sometimes you can find the rare nice garment - such as this lilac coloured dress with embroidered details.

Necklace: Magnolia (gift from my man, which means I have no clue what it cost)
Ring: Vintage, handmade ring from Africa (from one of my dear old grandma's few travels)

 Lace ballerina shoes from NewLook. I already featured these shoes in my chill in the park post from last week.

This day was a bit too windy to be wearing such a short dress!


  1. The images are adorable... Lace ballerina shoes looking very cute. where you bought these?

  2. Your dress has such a beautiful colour! It looks very eleegant and what a smart idea it was to pair your dress with those lace flats! :)

    Follow one another? :D