Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Tick tock tick tock...

Am I right when I'm saying that all of us girls have got one or a few favourite pieces of jewellery? Something that you find you are wearing with pretty much anything? I know I have... I have 2 actually. 2 lovely necklaces. One is an antique silver necklace with a long chain and a drop shaped pendant with a blue stone - I used to call it my "Titanic necklace" (yes, I used to be obsessed with the film Titanic when it came out and I was about 12) I actually wrote a post about this particular necklace a while ago which you can in my post about antique jewellery.
The other favourite necklace of mine is a new addition. It was a present from my mum that I got for Christmas. The necklace is not fancy in any way, but it's just so pretty, and I love it! I've got a thing for vintage things - jewellery especially - and even if this necklace is not actually vintage, it has got a vintage feel to it. I think it's really charming the fact that it's like an old pocket watch, and it reminds me of my dear old grandpa (who's now bouncing around on the clouds somewhere)
Do you have any favourite pieces of jewellery, and if so - what is it, and why is it your favourite?


  1. Amazing necklace, I am all about the pendant and that is a fabulous one!

  2. Oooh, that's a beautiful necklace and it definitely has a vintage feel to it. I adore all vintage jewelry too- so much in fact that my fiance bought me a vintage 1929 engagement ring!

  3. That's beautiful! Also just to let you know I've added your button onto my blog :D xx

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  6. I love your necklace!!! want one soo bad!!
    Thanks for you lovely comment I added your badge to my side bar :)

    Jenny xxx

  7. I love it!!