Sunday, 20 May 2012

Would you go to work in your pyjama shirt?

My boyfriend wanted to go shopping on Saturday. My boyfriend…!? Shopping!?
I was shocked! He goes shopping approximately twice a year, and when he does he usually updates his whole wardrobe at once.
But then I found out… it was the big boss who had requested from him to invest in some new work shirts, cause apparently his current ones were too “casual”. Pfft…!
Anyway, do you know what the men who work in offices here in England wear? Their so called “office shirts” look just like pyjama shirts! Stripy or checked, with silly colours such as baby blue, lilac purple or pink! I’m sorry, but that’s not very attractive at all. They might as well just go to work in their pyjamas then! Haha! :P
work shirts=pyjama shirts

Anyway, I did of course agree to come help him choose some work shirts, and I made sure he went for the least ugly ones. Not like the horrible baby coloured ones in the picture! In the end he chose a black one, a white one, a dark blue checked one, and an all purple one. They’re far from amazing, but they’re alright. At least he won’t look like the other men in the office, who seem to be big fans of the pyjama style.

I did some shopping for myself as well, of course ;) Nothing exciting though, but just some basic stuff.
I found a nice “poofy” black skirt from H&M, a tight greyish t-shirt dress from H&M as well, and a pair of lace ballerina shoes from NewLook.

My latest purchases

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