Monday, 25 June 2012

Floral and multiway summer dresses

It was midsummer last weekend, something we Swedes celebrate like crazy. It doesn't feel like midsummer this year though... it doesn't even feel like summer! What happened to the weather?! I actually skipped all kinds of celebrations last weekend, and I'll move them to next weekend instead, when I'm having some lovely Swedish girls over for a barbeque.

In real midsummer tradition you should really wear flowers in your hair, but an alternative to that could be to wear floral clothing. These floral dresses from are perfect summer dresses, and I wouldn't mind adding them all to my little collection. I'm not much for florals really, but these dresses are just so pretty and summery!
Summery florals
Most of these dresses are from the "hippie" shop Joe Browns, and so is this versatile summer dress below. Super clever, and great for bringing on a hot holiday - this dress can be worn in several different ways. If you know that you usually pack to much for your holidays (I know I do!) then a multiway dress like this is a perfect investment.
Right now there's actually a sale on at Joe Browns, so if you're lucky you might just find some bargain dresses to fill your summer wardrobe with.


  1. Love the cute dresses, but I do wish we would have more opportunities to wear them! I'll wear a flowery dress on our delayed Midsummer though, even if it's raining! :) xx

  2. These dresses are so cute and cheerful! I particularly like the pale blue one! Lovely post!