Friday, 22 June 2012

Swedish graduation fashion

Just like it’s an unwritten rule that you don’t wear white to someone else’s wedding, you don’t wear white to someone else’s graduation (at least in Sweden!). I went to visit my family in Sweden last week, and it was my little sister’s graduation from college. She has been studying to become a hairdresser – a degree all of my family are very happy about. No more expensive haircuts for us!
It’s Swedish tradition that the female graduates wear white dresses on this particular day, while the guys wear suits – plus the graduation hat which is white, and which makes everyone look like sailors. I was actually surprised that my sister chose to wear a white dress since she’s a little bit of a rebel, but she did. However, she did match it with a pair of mental 14 cm black heels with metal studs. Check these babies out! They’re from the Swedish online catalogue
My other sister and I kind of matched each other even though we didn’t mean to. We both wore short blue dresses; mine was a loose-fit sailor inspired dress with white and blue stripy details at the bottom and on the buttons, and my sister wore a tight denim dress with a zipper detail in the front.

 This was such as happy day, and I’ll remember it forever!

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