Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Adding some colour to a grey summer's day

Since this English summer is nothing but grey, I decided to add some colour to it by dressing in an almost neon orange top today! This cheered me up a little bit, as I kind of fooled myself into believing that it was proper summer. I got some strange looks at work though, since my outfit stood out, to say the least ;) But lots of appreciating ones as well!
summer outfit
 I bought the top at H&M in early spring this year, and I've actually only worn it once before today. She skirt is from H&M as well - it's kind of a mix between an office skirt and a "poofy" skirt. It has also got hidden pockets.
summer fashion
pearl earrings
 The earrings are fresh water pearls from China - a present from a dear old friend of mine.
New Look shoes
 These shoes are from New Look - simple black faux leather heels with a wide strap that go with most outfits. And yes, that's a real tattoo, and not henna! ;)
orange top
women's summer style
 This ring is a vintage ring that used to belong to my mum. I believe it's from her hippie times in the 70's. It's a silver base with tiny, tiny coloured stones (or grains more like it) of turquiose and burnt amber. One of my favourite rings!
vintage silver ring


  1. I love your tattoo!

    Great outfit.

    Sheree x

  2. I'm so sorry your summer has been so awful! But, your shirt is so pretty on you and love your shoes! You must be down with all the grey skies... :( I know I get that way after a few days of rainy weather. xx, Pip

  3. Love the top - makes you look really tanned! ;) xx

  4. Lovely!!! Orange is definitely my favourite colour of the season. It is a pop colour and looks great on you! xox

  5. Beautiful outfit! I love the story behind your ring, passed down pieces are so special!