Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Adding some colour to my life

The postman came to drop off a delivery for me today - a shiny new handbag!
I was browsing for a new handbag in several stores on Friday since my old one is about to fall apart, and I fell in love with this light teal coloured faux leather bag from Accessorize. I actually ordered it in their online sale after having seen it in their city center store, and didn't pay more than £20 for it.
I realised when I got it today that I've got a matching nailpolish (well, it's slightly more of a blue hue, but it still matches). Look at this match made in heaven ;)
I received this nailpolish in a Glossybox a few months ago, and it's a shade called "Sex kitten" (I know, funny name!) by the brand Leighton Denny.
I'm so glad I invested in this handbag. It feels like a good buy. I'm the kind who buys a handbag and proper wears it out before I buy a new one again, hence the worn out handbag I mentioned earlier. That one ended up in the bin straight away!

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